Ted Cruz Calls For the Abolition of the IRS!

So let it be officially known that Ted Cruz has adopted a Political Outcast plank as part of his own platform. I pray he keeps hammering at it.

From the National Review blog:

“We ought to abolish the IRS and instead move to a simple flat tax,” Cruz said on Fox News over the weekend.

“Put down how much you earn, put down a deduction for charitable contributions, for home mortgage, and how much you owe,” he continued. “It ought to be just a simple, one-page postcard.”

“Take the agents, bureaucracy out of Washington, and limit the power of the government,” he said.

Some thoughts:

First, some will complain that, unlike Ron Paul, he is not campaigning to abolish the income tax. But remember, the IRS is completely a machine in the hands of Democrats for destroying the Republican base. The Democrats know it and openly talk about it. This is what is driving Ted Cruz and I think it is good to stay on point. Trying to end income tax would raise a whole new level of opposition that might jeopardize this needed reform.

Second, though, I am not excited that Cruz mentioned deducting the home mortgage. Why not just set the flat rate low enough to make homeowners okay with losing the deduction? There is no need to manipulate people through the tax code to induce them to prefer buying to renting.

Third, the only reason this is really exciting is because of who Ted Cruz is. If almost any other politician advocated this position I would assume that they were just trying to get votes and planning on “growing in office” if they won an election (Rand Paul being a possible exception). Not Cruz. All the people in the media and the GOP who claim he damaged “the Republican brand” (right, because the GOP brand was soooo good before the shutdown) just don’t get it. Or perhaps they do and that makes them hate Cruz all the more. Cruz has more credit with voters than probably any other politician because he has proven that he does what he believes in.

So he is probably the only one who could speak about abolishing the IRS and give voters an immediate certainty that he will do all he can to abolish the IRS.

May God grant him success and us deliverance!