Ted Turner: “I’d give all my money away…”

Ted Turner, founder of CNN and media entrepreneur, was recently interviewed on Piers Morgan Tonight. As can generally be expected from him, Turner was quick to speak his mind. After a few meaningless comments about the presidential election, Morgan was able to get Turner to talk about the economy.

Like a true champion of the liberal mindset, Turner bemoaned the “mess” inherited by President Obama—a line that surely must go away after November 6, regardless the outcome—and indicated to Morgan that he would be more than happy to pay more taxes if Obama gets reelected. “Sure, sure,” claimed Turner. Not content to leave it at that, he continued, “I’d give all my money away, almost all of it.”

“Almost all of it.” Turner never defined “almost,” but I can’t help but wonder what exactly is preventing him from doing this right now. If Turner actually believed that giving “almost all” his fortune to the government would be helpful in turning around the economy, why must he wait until Obama makes its mandatory in the form of higher taxes on the wealthy? He claims that he would be willing to give “almost” everything he has, if this is what Obama determines is necessary, yet he isn’t paying more than is required in taxes right now. Why is it that all of these deep-pocketed liberals are always so quick to declare how willing they would be to pay more in theoretical taxes next year, yet are never willing to pay more in actual taxes this year? It is really quite perplexing. Surely they’re not lying.

Mr. Turner, I have a proposition for you. You see, I know quite a few small-business owners—middle class types, the ones that President Obama claims to want to help with his tax-the-rich schemes—who could use a few million dollars to keep their businesses going. They need equipment, workers, and investment capital. They know just what to do to create a few hundred jobs between them, but don’t have the resources to make it happen. They have had to lay off employees due to the rising cost of doing business—what with rising government regulation, high gas prices, and the like. Here’s the deal: Since you’re willing to pay more in taxes, why not cut out the middleman (the federal government) and issue me a check for my friends and we will get to work creating jobs right here in the Atlanta area. I live right here, so I could even drive over to your office and pick up the check, saving you the cost of a stamp.

So, what do you say? Are you really prepared to pay more—today, not tomorrow—to help out local small-businesses in the area, or are you really just full of talk? Do you really believe that the federal government must be involved in order to stimulate the economy? Is there really something magical about them touching the money and taking a cut of it first? Are you worried about not getting the tax break for your “donation”? If you’re really interested in stabilizing the economy, even to the point of giving “almost all” of your money away, I can assure you that we know how to put it to use. Seems like a win-win to me, so how about it? I anxiously await your response…