Teen Girl Denied Use of Boys Restroom; Duh

Why is it news that a fifteen-year-old young lady cannot use the school’s boys restroom?

transgender restroom

Look, I know that Liberals claim to be intelligent. And they have so captured what were once places of higher learning and study that they can make a case by association. You probably sometime wonder if you are right when liberal opinion is so uniformly against you.

But just meditate on this story and realize that it is beyond question: Liberals are deeply delusional and stupid.

They are also disgusting.

This story is not just disgusting because it is such a perversion. It is disgusting because all of the people who should be encouraging a teen student to accept herself for who she is, are instead assisting her in loathing her own gender and pretending it is healthy to be in denial about it. There is a special place in hell for all adults who would mislead children by intentionally using the wrong pronoun. Thus, Newser.com:

“When I returned to school, it was under a new name with new pronouns,” says transgender student Gavin Grimm, 15. “Easy as pie.” And while he[sic: she] says his peers at Virginia’s Gloucester High School “were open-minded, open-armed” about his[sic: her] decision to return as a boy [sic: a girl claiming to be a boy], it wasn’t quite that easy because the seemingly simple question of which school restrooms he [sic: she] should use soon arose.

News 13, from which the story originated, is even more disgusting. They portray this deluded young girl as some kind of pioneer/martyr/hero. They give her every psychological reward a kid could want in terms of attention and admiration so that she will learn and remain deeply loyal to her sickness.

Gavin Grimm is 15 and pretty much like any other boy you’d meet, even though at birth, he was biologically a female. He has taken on a burden few can understand, but which he has accepted as a responsibility to others like him.

Besides the delusional pronoun use, this description goes even further into delusiondom. Grimm is still biologically female. This is every bit as true now as it was when she was born. Notice that the claim that gender is independent of biology is impossible for the story to maintain. The writer slips and makes biology change with gender.

Like they must be connected after all!

[See also, “Transgender Revolt against Reality: Merely Revolting.”]

This cultural nihilism is coming from the same population that thinks it is a crime against humanity for a homosexual to change to being heterosexual, even though it happens all the time even among people who never change their mind about the moral value of homosexual behavior. Homosexuality must never change but whether one is a man or woman is up for grabs.

These people are already in charge of much of our country. They need to be removed from power. You cannot trust people given to such hallucinatory fantasies to work within any limits of toleration. It is them or us. They are the enemy.

The school board is to be congratulated for saying that a girl has to use the girl’s room. I’d be curious what would happen if they simply re-named each of the restrooms as either “Room for those born biologically female” and “Room for those born biologically male.”

Would that suffice?