Teen Women Recruited for Terrorist Group

The internet is alluring.  It draws almost everyone into something.  For some it is shoe shopping.  For others it is a terrorist training program, as Liz Goodwin wrote about for Yahoo Politics.

Three girls from a Denver suburb who ditched school, left their families and their friends in search of  a more exciting future, found out the hard way that there are better ways to make life decisions than asking the internet.

They believed Syria would be a utopian place of freedom and safety for them and their religion, instead of a brutal caliphate known for forcing women and girls into sexual slavery and beheading or burning alive its ideological opponents.

Last year around 15,000 people from Western countries were recruited to join terrorist forces for Jihad.  Much of the recruitment takes place on the internet, and users often will not take the time to make sure they are not about to embark on a nightmare.

Fortunately, these young women were detained and stopped in Germany.

Because they were all under 18, they were returned to their parents and not charged with any crime, according to two former FBI agents in Colorado who are familiar with the investigation. Their parents were given stern warnings to monitor and limit the girls’ Internet use.

It will take more than a stern warning to put a stop to recruitment of terrorists through the internet.