Tennessee Republican Politicians Force Higher Milk Prices

Because Tennessee Republican politicians are a bunch of socialists and corruptocrats.

If you want to know why the response to Obamacare by Republicans has been so weak, the answer is easy to find. Republican politicians agree with Obama’s overall economic and political philosophy and they disagree with the economic and political philosophy that is prominent among Republican voters.

They don’t believe in freedom; they don’t understand freedom beyond a jingle that they use to win votes, and they have no concept of how a free society can balance competing interests and make everyone more prosperous.

This Associated Press story is sickening but helpful for understanding our leadership: “Tennessee requires markups of 10 percent on milk, 15 percent on cigarettes, 20 percent on wine.”

Under a new state law, Tennessee retailers will have to charge smokers at least 15 percent more than the wholesale cost. The surcharge is theirs to keep.

That increase follows last year’s law requiring supermarkets to sell wine at least 20 percent above cost and another longstanding 10 percent markup on milk. State law refers to those margins as “the cost of doing business.”

No, you lying morons! If it was the cost of doing business then the price would already be at the higher level. It is precisely because businesses have endeavored to serve customer needs and reduce the cost of doing business that you have to pass these evil laws making the prices higher for everyone and making the cost of entry into the market place that much higher.

When I first saw some of the headlines, I assumed this was some kind of stupid “sin tax” idea. But milk? Personally, I think the health benefits of milk have been exaggerated, but most people insist milk is healthy. It would almost always be preferable to soft drinks and other more sugary options. So why give poor families an incentive to avoid milk and buy soda?

Who does that?

It turns out that the Tennessee corruptocrats have decided that they don’t want any store to undercut any other store. This supposedly “protects” small retailers. First of all, who cares? It is robbery from consumers. The Tennessee politicians who voted for this monstrosity are just a gang of thieves. They belong in prison with all the other burglars and carjackers.

Secondly, it also protects all the giant retailers too. The law makes it harder to compete, which means it makes it harder to enter the industry.

And then we get this admission:

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam signed the cigarette and wine markup bills into law. The family-owned Pilot Flying J truck stop chain stands to benefit from the cigarette hike and could gain from wine markup if stores decide to sell the product in the future. But the Haslam administration played no role in passing either law.

The governor said in a recent interview that he hasn’t put “a whole lot of philosophical thought” into whether the state should set minimum prices on retail goods. But Haslam said historically the markup laws have been used to protect small retailers from being undercut on price.

First of all, the law is an evil robbery that Haslam should have vetoed so that he would not be guilty of joining with thieves. The fact that he himself directly profits from the theft adds to his sin. That’s all assuming he really played no role in promoting the law. But I don’t believe that. People who will steal from those they pretend to care about are not going to be above lying as well.

Secondly, Haslam believes he can openly admit that he has basically no free market philosophy at all and keep his Republican career.

I pray God will enable Tennessee voters to see him for what he is and cut his career short.

Some day what happened to the Berlin Wall is going to happen not only in DC but also in every State Capital. It can’t happen soon enough as far as I’m concerned.