Terrified Kindergartner Wets Himself When Interrogated Over Toy Gun

I know, the people that should really be terrified are the other students and teachers who had to witness the orange-tipped toy cap gun that the 5-year-old brought on the school bus last week. No one should ever have to witness such a horrific object, especially at an elementary school.

Let’s not ever forget that we live in a post-Sandy Hook era where anything that resembles a gun is anathema. It’s only natural that those objects, drawings, hand gestures, thoughts, etc. cause the utmost panic among those at school. Hopefully, if schools work really hard to brainwash their students at a young enough age, they’ll grow up to hate self-defense weapons and know to only depend on the State for their security.

It was a good thing the kindergartner didn’t load his toy with caps. Otherwise, according to his Maryland school principal, the police would’ve had to get involved because the toy would have been classified as an explosive. It probably would have taken a bomb squad specialist to disarm the child’s improvised explosive device.

Following the tragic school bus incident that was sure to lead to another Sandy Hook-style mass murder if it weren’t for the heroic intervention of a few adults, school officials sat the child down and interrogated him for over 2 hours, according to earlier reports, during which time he wet himself.

Now, officials are saying that they only questioned him for 5 to 7 minutes, and if he had to go to the bathroom, he should have been comfortable enough to ask to go. But his mother is still skeptical:

 “She added, ‘If they only needed seven minutes to question him, why couldn’t I have been called to sit with him? . . . He was in their possession, for what they were considering a very serious offense, for an extended amount of time’ with no parental support.”

They didn’t even notify his mother until after he wet his pants during the time he was being detained.

They initially suspended him for the next 10 days following the incident. They have since shown mercy on the boy and scaled the suspension back to only 3 days. Looks like the kid got off easy.

As it stands now, the incident will remain on the boy’s school record if his parents’ request to have it expunged isn’t granted by school officials. That decision will be made separately at a later date.