Terror and Islam: Yes, There’s a Link

More terrorist attacks around the world, and once again our leaders deny a link between terror and Islam.

We live in a world where Christians get sued for praying in public, for putting a crucifix on your desk or even, as in the case of one fire station, putting up a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” sign during the Christmas season.

You don’t have to travel far to hear complaints and even the most outrageous lies about Christians: Christians are trying to take away other people’s religious rights, Christians are trying to destroy science education, Christians are radicals and potential home-grown terrorists.

Celebrities and so-called comedians get away with saying things about Christianity that are completely baseless. There are thousands of corners of the Internet dedicated to the bashing of Christianity.

And yet when, repeatedly, adherents of another particular religion kill people or when a “lone wolf” self-described cleric of that particular religion takes a store full of hostages, putting a sign proclaiming a religious view in the window of the store where he is committing his crimes, we are called haters if we mention a causal link between the religion and its adherents’ actions, and we are assured that those terrorists are not in any way connected to that religion.

That religion, of course, is Islam.


Beginning Sunday in Sydney, Australia, a self-described imam with a long criminal record decided to take hostages at a shopping center chocolatier. The result was three dead, including the gunman and two hostages.

During the hostage taking, the gunman placed a black and white Muslim flag proclaiming Allah in the window. The flag is the recognized symbol of the al-Nusra Front in Syria and other terror groups.

As the flag’s slogan would suggest, all the groups that rally to it are composed of Muslims.

On Tuesday in Pakistan, the Taliban, another group composed entirely of Muslims, killed more than 120 people — mostly children — during a raid on a school. It’s unclear why they raided the school, but the history of terror attacks and their perpetrators’ mind-sets suggest that the school was probably teaching children things other than the Koran, Islam’s holy book, and the Taliban would rather kill children than allow “infidel” thoughts to taint their little patch of earth.

No matter how many times Muslim terrorists strike or Muslim armies slaughter Christians and enslave women, we are told Islam shares none of the responsibility. Within minutes of the end of the Sydney hostage drama, hundreds of people were taking to Twitter to support Muslims, rather than the hostages and their families.

Earlier this year, President Obama on national television proclaimed imminent attacks on ISIS/ISIL, then turned around and insisted that ISIS is neither Islamic nor a state, though everyone knows better.

On Tuesday, just one day after the terror showdown in Sydney, Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott said at a press conference that ISIS “has nothing to do with any religion.” He could just as easily been speaking about the hostage standoff perpetrated by an Islamic cleric who is now being described as a “lone wolf” by other Muslims in the community.

Abbott continued at length:

“The point I keep making is that the ISIL death cult has nothing to do with any religion, any real religion. It has nothing to do with any particular community. It is something to which sick individuals succumb, and sick individuals exist in all communities and in all societies. This idea that, you know, ISIL is somehow spawned by any particular religion, frankly, it’s probably even less true than saying that Catholicism spawned the IRA. They’re just completely separate things.”

Abbott is correct that ISIS and other Islamist groups are representatives of a death cult that lures sick individuals, but he fails to identify that cult as Islam, whose founder Mohammed was above all an illiterate warlord with aspirations of being a famous holy man.

His lack of education held him back from being hailed as a great religious leader, and his frustration probably is what led him to begin gathering henchmen to join him on raids of merchant caravans. As he succeeded at his criminal endeavors, his fame grew and he was able to preach to his legions of warriors about the ways of Allah, including proper ways to plunder, pillage. kill and enslave victims.

Christianity has had its share of “sick individuals,” as Abbott put it, but one key difference between Christianity and Islam is that in Islam, those “sick individuals” are encouraged and praised as heroes. That has been the way of Islam since its beginning, and it continues today.

Even that would be manageable if Islam was content to keep its violence and fanaticism to itself. Instead, its leaders are bent on taking over the world by force.

By refusing to see Islamic terror as what it is, we are averting our eyes once again from reality and pretending there is no wolf howling at our door for the end of Western civilization.