Terrorism? What Terrorism? Cuba, Iran Get a Pass

What’s a half-century of well-earned antagonism toward the Communist regime of Cuba if it stands in the way of the legend of President Obama?

Apparently not a lot.

Tossing away the considered opinions of generations of presidents, congressmen, national security experts, veterans and refugees of the Castro regime, Barack Obama declared this week that Cuba hasn’t supported terrorism for at least six months, therefore he is removing that country from the U.S. State Department’s list of countries that officially sponsor global terrorism.

After all, what’s a few assassination attempts, communist insurgencies and Cuban Missile crises between amigos?

White House spokesmonkey Josh Earnest said that concerns over human rights abuses and other communist pastimes “fall outside the criteria that is relevant to whether to rescind Cuba’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism.”

On a somewhat related front halfway round the world, U.S. and Iranian officials continued to disagree over the meaning of the agreement they allegedly agreed to concerning Iran’s nuclear weapons program, with the U.S. saying the deal provides for verification, and the Iranians saying nuh-uh, infidel.

The deal continues to be pushed through official channels toward United Nations approval, while Congress wags its finger to warn that it has a say in this process but will probably rubber stamp it anyway.

The important thing is that once all sanctions against Iran are off and the mullahs have international approval to make enriched uranium until they glow, then the Soviet Union, er, Russian President Vladimir “The Impaler” Putin has announced he will begin selling missile delivery systems to Iran.

In case you thought that was previously one of Emperor Obama’s uncrossable “red lines,” you would be correct. But what’s a little nuclear brinksmanship among friendskis, nyet?

In fact, Obama’s just making friends all over the place lately, like while meeting the Venezuelan president barely a month after using an executive order/royal decree to place “emergency” sanctions on that country. The primary topic of the meeting was — oh, hey — oil. Remember that stuff we used to use for fuel during America’s primitive era, before we came to rely on processing of corn squeezings?

Yup, His Majesty is quite the bridge builder, making deals with all the world’s bad guys — except for Republicans, whom he still can’t work with no matter how much John Boehner makes out with Nancy Pelosi.

Well, at least the man has his priorities.