Terrorists: Is UK Government Apathetic or Incompetent or …?

“Jihadi John” still has access to his bank account; the UK Government has done nothing about it.

isis killing xians

Does the UK government really care about terrorism? You would think that it is self-evident that people in the UK government have self-interested reasons to care deeply about it since they don’t want to be killed by terrorists.

Nevertheless, this motive has not been sufficient to get people within the UK government to take basic actions against terrorists. According to the Washington Times,

“Jihadi John,” the Islamic State group terrorist involved in the execution of multiple Western prisoners, still has access to his British bank account.

The U.K. government’s independent investigator found that only six British jihadists have had their bank accounts frozen out of an estimated 600 fighting with the Islamic State group, The Telegraph reported Saturday.

“The figures for assets frozen are remarkably low,” said David Anderson, a high ranking Queen’s Counsel official and the U.K. government’s independent investigator for terrorism legislation.

In fact, the total amount of frozen assets comes to about $74,000. The rest is still available and still being used by the murderers and their groupies in Iraq and Syria.

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What is even more bizarre: about three hundred people who went to fight with and for the Islamic state have returned to England. Their accounts also were never frozen.

“This is just another example of the Government failing to deliver on a promise it has made about protecting national security,” Professor Anthony Glees, director of the University of Buckingham’s Center for Security and Intelligence Studies, told the newspaper.

What do we make of this? Somehow, hampering and harassing terrorists and killers was not a priority to the UK government. Either they are incapable of taking basic actions or else they simply didn’t care enough to do so.

So what is the deal? Do they not care if terrorists attack? Do they not care about how British citizens are supporting the Islamic State?

I don’t know.

But I do know for certain that, if or when a terrorist attack occurs, the UK government will use the opportunity to expand its powers and curtail the rights of all citizens.

That’s what governments do. They are incredibly incompetent or apathetic until an emergency comes along that they know they must never let go to waste.

Remember, this is the same country where authorities allowed pimping and sexual abuse of young girls because they did not want to be perceived as targeting Muslims. I assume that a desire to be politically correct is not preventing the UK government from freezing bank accounts, but it does show us that the government is failing in its most basic duty–to protect people from violence and crime.