Texas Abortionist Killed Babies With His Bare Hands

There’s another murderer masquerading as an OB doctor in Texas whose clinic is being investigated after a few of his employees came forward with their testimonies. Three women and one other anonymous person who were employed by Dr. Douglas Karpen have come forward to testify about the horrific details of what went on at this particular clinic and possibly two other clinics that Karpen owned. Here are some of the things they witnessed from their former boss:

  • delivering live babies during third-trimester abortions
  • killing them by snipping their spinal cord
  • stabbing a surgical instrument into their heads or stomach
  • twisting their heads off their necks with his own bare hands
  • pulling the baby out of the womb in pieces because of how big it was

The three women that came forward said that they witnessed these types of things on a daily basis. Sometimes three or four babies were born alive and subsequently murdered by the abortionist on the same day.

As long as patients had the cash, Karpen would kill their babies for them well after 24 weeks, and at that point, he would charge around $4,000 to $5,000. From the Daily Mail:

 “The women described one occasion where a fetus that Karpen thought was dead suddenly ‘opened its eyes and grabbed [the doctor’s] finger’ after he wrenched it from the womb. However, it met a similar fate to the other fetuses at the clinic, the women said. ‘He thought it was dead but the fetus actually opened its eyes and grabbed his finger,’ [former employee] Aguliar said. ‘He was alive. He thought it was deceased already. He was getting ready to put it in the back.’ They also recounted occasions when women were so far along with their pregnancy they were actually induced into labor and in two cases their fetuses came out while they were in the bathroom. Rodriguez described another incident where a patient’s fetus fell from her and onto the floor in the clinic’s waiting room. ‘[Karpen] just picked it up with a Chux [a large and disposable absorbent pad] and put it in the trash bag,’ she said.”

 You can watch their interview here:

These so-called “botched abortions” are not isolated. It’s just that they’re kept under wraps. Planned Parenthood and the left try to distance themselves from these cases, but if you recall, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood actually argued in favor of letting doctors and mothers decide whether or not a born-alive baby should stay alive or be put to death.

Gosnell and now Karpen are showing what abortion is really about. I hope Karpen is put on trial and convicted of murder. Hopefully, this time the death penalty will not be neglected.