Thanks to Barack Obama’s Dictatorship We Have Corpses on the Border

Obama’s dictatorship is costing the lives of young people crossing the border. This story in the Daily Mail is both heart-breaking, and infuriating. “EXCLUSIVE: ‘A lot of people die out here’ and ‘all this blood…is on Obama’s hands’: Shocking images show corpses of illegal immigrants left to die after border crossings.”

The dead bodies of illegal immigrants are turning up in south Texas as Central Americans pour across the U.S.-Mexico border, and a veterinarian who ranches cattle 70 miles from ground zero has the photos to prove it.

Dr. Mike ‘Doc’ Vickers of Brooks County, Texas showed some of the grisly images to MailOnline, all of them far too grotesque to publish unedited.

One picture shows a corpse propped up against a tree near his ranch in Brooks County, his eyes missing and dried blood cascading down his shirtless body.

‘This guy, obviously, had to lay down up against that tree, and that’s where he died,’ Vickers says in interview footage provided exclusively to MailOnline by documentary filmmaker Chris Burgard.

Falcons native to the Rio Grande river valley ‘plucked his eyes out before he was dead,’ the animal doctor concludes. ‘He bled out through his eyes, which tells me that he was probably in a coma but they were eatin’ on him before his heart stopped beating.’

Also, given the totally anti-American confession of a member of Congress, mind-numbing. You cannot get further from the American form of government than this stunning and ignorant comment from Democratic Representative Rubén Hinojosa:

Hinojosa ‘wants open borders,’ [Texas rancher, Dr. Mike Vickers} said. ‘He tells his constituents that “I’m going to do whatever my president tells me to do.” Not what his constituents want him to do.

[See also, “Congress Will Not Do Anything to Stop Obama’s Executive Usurpation on the Border.”]

If a Representative in Congress is truly saying he believes his primary job is to obey a dictator in the White House, it is evidence we have lost that district, because some very obviously clueless and un-American people elected him. Hundreds of people dying alone in the desert, because we have a lawless Administration that hasn’t made it clear there is a legal way to come, and an illegal way, and if you come illegally, you’ll be sent back.