Thanks to TSA Incompetence Mother Delivers Healthy Baby

Without TSA incompetence that baby would have had to stay attached to the umbilical cord.

TSA security theater

From the Dallas News (business section, oddly enough): “Oh, baby! Southwest Airlines says it picked up an extra passenger during flight.”

Southwest Airlines has put out a statement about a baby born aboard a Southwest flight Tuesday.

Here’s its statement.

Southwest Flight #623 from San Francisco to Phoenix safely diverted to Los Angeles when a baby was born shortly after takeoff from San Francisco. A nurse and doctor who were onboard assisted the family and the Flight Crew until paramedics met the flight to take the family to a nearby hospital. The 111 Customers and five Crew Members continued flight #623 to Phoenix on a new aircraft, arriving 2:30 behind schedule with an exciting story to tell.

It appears the airplane was flying at 41,000 feet on its normal route to Phoenix when at 7:20 a.m. over Victorville, it began descending and making a right turn back to Los Angeles. It landed 21 minutes later at Los Angeles international.

The Associated Press reported that “The aircraft was taken out of service for cleaning and the other passengers went on to Phoenix aboard another plane, arriving more than two hours behind schedule.”

So many questions:

1 – What is the Federal protocol when more passengers get off a plane than boarded at the departure gate?

2 – Did Southwest charge the parents an additional fare, and a cleaning fee?

3 – Since he was not born on U.S. soil, is he a citizen of the corporation?

4 – Does Obamacare cover births above 40,000-feet?

5 – Finally as to this part of the story:

The flight crew scrambled to gather blankets to cover the baby and asked passengers if they had something sharp to cut the umbilical cord. A female passenger searched her cosmetic bag and offered a pair of beauty scissors, which they used to cut the cord…

You’ll be glad to know the woman was arrested for having a dangerous weapon onboard an aircraft. The TSA subsequently announced the first “terrorist” capture in their entire, multi-trillion dollar, wasted existence.