The 2016 Republican Presidential Ticket

Okay, we lost. Our mourning period is over. Taking my cue from President Obama, I am now looking forward–to 2016.

Let me be one of the first to call for a Marco Rubio-Rand Paul ticket in 2016.

Why Senator Rubio? Well, first the superficial reasons:

He is young and therefore cannot receive any liberal prejudice against being “old.”

He is Hispanic and therefore cannot receive any liberal prejudice against being “white”–not to mention he will attract the desperately needed Hispanic vote. And they truly are desperately needed, their being the fastest-growing ethnic group in America.

He is handsome. This is subjective and obviously the least important reason to vote for somebody, but people really do consider these things. They’d rather not have to look at an ugly person on their TV for four years.

He is a deeply compelling, charismatic speaker. He draws people in and holds their attention.

He has an inspiring story, which you can look up on Wikipedia. People–idiots–like to feel, not think.

For those of us who like to think, we have substantive reasons to run Rubio in four years:

He has state experience, having been elected to the Florida House of Representatives and serving the state for ten years.

He has federal experience, having been representing Florida in the United States Senate from 2009 to the present day, and probably will still be a senator in 2016. He has been in government for 19 years, so it cannot be claimed that he has no experience.

Florida is a key state to win in elections.

He is a deeply religious Roman Catholic and therefore will not face anti-Mormon prejudice.

Conservatives love him. The three million third-party-voting saboteurs of this election will be eager to get to the voting booth on Election Day, 2016.

And why Rand Paul for Rubio’s running mate?

Paul is a Libertarian-leaning conservative with a solid understanding and support of the free-market system.

His family legacy. His father Ron has a cult-like following, much worse and far more annoying than that of Obama. Rand would undoubtedly receive his father’s endorsement as Vice President, and what Ron suggests to do something, his fans make that cause their raison d’ĂȘtre. So there will not be very many third-party votes in 2016, which caused Romney this year to lose the state of Florida.

Like Rubio, Paul is not an “old” white guy; in 2016, he’ll be 53; Obama was elected to a second term at age 51.

Also like Rubio, Rand Paul has a very strong faith in God, but he balances the ticket with his Protestantism.

Paul is currently representing Kentucky in the United States Senate, but he was born in Pennsylvania, which means the Republicans would stand a good chance of winning that key swing state as well as Florida, as mentioned above.

This Rubio-Paul team is only my recommendation for now, of course. I understand the field of candidates will be much different in four years, but it’s good to start throwing names around early. You can never be too prepared.