The New American on Why We Should Oppose Obamatrade

They give seven reasons to oppose Obamatrade and any one of them is more than enough.

From the New American: “7 Reasons Why Trade Promotion Authority/Fast Track Must Be Defeated.”

In our companion article “10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose the TPP and TTIP,” we detail some of the most extreme dangers presented by President Obama’s two mammoth pseudo-free trade agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). On May 22, the U.S. Senate approved Trade Promotion Authority legislation (TPA, also known as Fast Track), which greases the skids for passage of TPP/TTIP. Now the fight over TPA has moved to the House of Representatives. There are many reasons why Americans should demand that their congressmen vote against this legislation; we provide seven of them below.

The article goes on to list seven reasons, including, “TPA is essential to passage of the very dangerous TPP and TTIP,” and “TPA is a “bum’s rush” that ratifies a secret, corrupt process and aims to ratify a secret, corrupt product.”

Here is one especially important quotation:

House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the top GOP cheerleader for TPA/TPP/TTIP in the House, has a Ways and Means webpage entitled “Empower Congress: Pass TPA.” Among other things, it makes this ludicrous statement: “TPA doesn’t give the president any authority he doesn’t already have. On the contrary, it’s Congress that gains from a strong trade promotion authority bill. Under TPA, it’s Congress in the driver’s seat. And the president must follow Congress’ lead in trade negotiations.” Representative Ryan’s “driver’s seat” metaphor reveals that he is little more than a sock puppet for the administration; he is merely repeating the same line that has been laid out by Obama spokesmen such as Trade Representative Michael Froman and Secretary of State John Kerry. Similarly, House Speaker John Boehner’s office asserts that TPA “specifically bars the president from making any changes to our laws.”

The Ryan/Boehner promises are about as trustworthy as a Federal Reserve note. Are we supposed to believe that the statement of negotiating objectives written into TPA will provide a “limiting” mechanism on a president who has repeatedly shown (and publicly boasted) that he believes he can disregard Congress and rule by executive orders?

Let me get this straight:

Republicans tell us that when Nancy Pelosi said about the lobbyist-created nightmare called Obamacare “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” that was a threat to freedom, a violation of the American Way, thoroughly evil, and to be opposed, mocked, deplored, sneered and jeered at… but when Paul Ryan says the same exact thing about a lobbyist-created nightmare called TPA/TPP/TTIP… somehow that’s the right thing to do?

[See also, “Wikileaks Shows Secret Trade Deal Includes Giving Obama More Immigration Authority.”]

Free trade… right. Because freedom is always crafted in secret by those who stand to benefit most from whatever is being done, and by posting armed guards at the door to make sure no one else sees what’s going on.

Up is down, right is left, men are women… we have abandoned truth, and God is beginning to show just how far down the rabbit-hole our rebellion against Him will push us. The saddest thing is that, yes, it can get worse. Divine judgment is a fearsome reality.