The Bible Isn’t Banned From Public Schools

Many public schools have been threatened by atheists for so long that they believe the Bible and everything Christian has been banned from the public schools. In reality these atheists are actually just bullies trying to force their views on the schools when in fact many of those views violate the constitutional rights of the students.

For instance, one school principal told a seventh grade student that she had to stop passing out Bible verses or any religious messages to her fellow classmates. The principal was under the impression that the student was in violation of the separation of church and state. The American Center for Law and Justice worked with the student and her family in educating the principal to the fact that the student was not violating the separation of church and state but that the actions of the principal were violating the student’s First Amendment rights.

In another example, another seventh grader at another school tried to use a reference from the Bible when writing a class assignment on Roman history. The teacher refused to allow the student to use the biblical reference. Again, the ACLJ came to the rescue of the student and enlightened the teacher that the student had every legal right to use the biblical reference in her homework.

There have been numerous instances where schools have tried to restrict Christian clubs from meeting on school property. Some schools have flat-out denied them access while others have tried to exact exorbitant fees that did not apply to any other group using the school facilities. In every one of these cases legal authorities and courts have upheld the rights of the Christian clubs to meet on school property.

I know of several instances where students in my local area tried to question evolution and were told by their teachers that they couldn’t mention anything about the Bible and creation. I helped provide a couple of those students with information that showed that any student initiated conversation could in fact be religious, could talk about the Bible and God and Jesus Christ, and it was not a violation of the separation of church and state.

However many schools still carry out the wishes of atheist bullies and forcibly trample on the constitutional rights of students. But be it known that when initiated by a student neither the school board nor the teacher can ban the Bible or anything Christian. When this happens Christians need to stand up for their rights and educate the educators on what is and is not allowed.