The Birds And The Bees: A Lesson For Liberals

Governor Rick Perry of the God-fearing land of Texas signed into law yesterday restrictions that would limit abortions to take place only in surgical centers and would require, as the Associated Press explains it, “doctors who work at abortion clinics to have hospital admitting privilege,” adding that “Only five of the 42 abortion clinics in Texas…currently meet those new requirements. Clinics will have a year to either upgrade their facilities or shut down after the law takes effect in October.”

Hey, libs, if you want abortion mills to be burdened with the same restrictions and regulations you stifle other businesses with, and if you want abortions to be committed under safe conditions, you can thank Mr. Perry.

Referring in part to the new Texas laws, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi suggested that maybe her Republican colleagues “need a lesson on the birds and the bees,” which, as we all know, is a euphemism for sex.

Now isn’t this fascinating. Considering that every kid who has received The Talk, to include every kid who goes to public school, knows exactly what can result from sex and knows exactly how to help prevent that result, there really should be zero accidental pregnancies in America and therefore zero abortions.

A reader wrote to me, “When I consent to sex, I am saying that it’s okay for a man to pleasure my body for the duration of the sex.” (Because sex is only about base physical pleasure to these people. How mature.) “If a baby is conceived through that action, I don’t have to consent to it using my body for nine months. Nobody has the right to use anybody’s body against their will. Why don’t you understand that?”

So intellectually under- or mal-developed are these young pro-“choice” advocates that they cannot understand that when you consent to anything, you consent also to all possible effects of it. When you consent to walking through a water park, you consent to accidentally getting wet. When you consent to sex, you consent to your bed sheets potentially getting dirty, to your hair potentially getting frizzy, to potentially having sore muscles the next day, to potentially getting an infection or an STD, and to potentially getting pregnant. If these people are so learned on “the birds and the bees,” as Pelosi called it, why don’t they understand this basic principle of cause and effect?

With all the knowledge we have today, how is it possible to get accidentally pregnant, unless you’re raped? Even if you walk through a water park by protecting yourself in a giant bubble (or a giant condom), like Bubble Boy, you still are not being 100-percent safe. The bubble could pop and you could get wet, and if you do get wet, that was a possibility you accepted by going to the water park in the first place. So if you’re not being 100-percent safe with sex—staying away from the water park, i.e., staying away from sex—then you’ve made your sex-reeking bed and you must sleep in whatever mess you get yourself into as a result.

Welcome to adulthood.