The Conservative Alternative To The Liberal Google

Boycotts are difficult acts of principle to adhere to. You can boycott Campbell’s soup and Nabisco for supporting what is incorrectly called gay “marriage,” but then you realize Campbell’s also makes V8 juices and expensive breads known as Pepperidge Farm. Can you really sacrifice the upper-class taste of Pepperidge Farm (and their cookies!) because their producers run pro-gay-marriage ads?

What about Nabisco? Nabisco makes Oreo, Triscuit, Ritz crackers, and a whole bevy of other popular, delicious treats that I don’t have the space to list right here. Oreo famously (or infamously, depending on whom you ask) made an ad showing rainbow-colored cream inside them in order to show their support for gay “marriage.” What’s a hungry conservative to do?

You could boycott the maker of Oreos–Nabisco–but then you’d be boycotting so many other products that probably never did put out an ad that you opposed. So I, for one, just simply don’t buy Oreos anymore. I’ll eat them if someone else buys them, but I don’t give them my money. And I fully acknowledge I’m not accomplishing anything other than feeling better about myself.

In the case of Google, a company run by a huge liberal, Eric Schmidt, who was an adviser to both of Obama’s election campaigns, it is a little bit easier. Google makes websites and products that are more easily (I think) avoided than foodstuffs. For one thing, there are the Android phones that Google makes. Don’t like Google? Get an iPhone. Don’t like Apple? Go to and find an alternative.

Google is a great company, but I hate it nonetheless. I hate Google, but I own an Android phone nonetheless. But Google also owns what is unarguably the best Internet search engine that exists, bar none. Luckily, there is a great alternative to

I’m talking about Goodsearch. Goodsearch is run by Yahoo, which, against Google, gives comparatively poor search results. But the return for using Goodsearch is that for each search you make, the company donates one cent to the charity or school of your choice. You just have to be logged into your Goodsearch account, which is free to create, before making your search.

This is a great conservative alternative to Google, which yesterday, instead of using its daily Google graphic to honor Easter, they used it to honor a day that not only does no one celebrate, but which nobody has heard of: Cesar Chavez Day. It’s a day made up by President Obama himself in 2011 to honor Chavez’s co-founding of the United Farm Workers, a labor union. Of course this was done because the guy who runs Google is a liberal and an Obama-supporter (therefore probably also an atheist who couldn’t care less that March 31 this year was an actual holiday that a majority of Americans celebrate, and it’s called Easter).

I’ve used Goodsearch for maybe nine months to a year, and so far I’ve raised $16, split between a military-supporting charity called TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) and the Right to Life (National Committee). Sixteen dollars is nothing that’s going to keep these organizations afloat, but (a) it doesn’t hurt them, and (b) it’s advertisement money that would otherwise go into Eric Schmidt’s pockets, and then from his pockets to Obama’s.

So remove Google from your bookmarks toolbar and replace it with Goodsearch.