The “Cracker” Is Free

George Zimmerman, the self-identified Hispanic and media-identified Caucasian, who shot and killed an attacking 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, has been acquitted. The charges? Second-degree murder, manslaughter, child abuse, and probably, for good measure, raping hostages during a shoplifting spree gone wrong.

The trial of Mr. Zimmerman for the shooting of gangsta Trayvon Martin truly is a sad affair for black people. Not because justice was not served in the courtroom on Sunday night, for indeed it was; but because it has brought out the worst in black people. I’m not sorry for saying that, because it’s true.

At around noon last Wednesday, Miami police underwent mandatory riot-preparation training to make sure they were good and ready for violent demonstrations by Trayvon-supporting hoodlums, who are overwhelmingly black. Miami is where Trayvon was visiting from while he was in Sanford. But we’re so afraid of the truth in this country that a Miami police spokesman had to fib and say that the fact that the training exercises fell so closely to the end of the Zimmerman trial was “just purely coincidence” and that “it is mandatory training we have to do every year.” Apparently Miami police don’t consider 2012 a valid year, though, because this “annual” training didn’t occur then.

So let’s be fearlessly truthful in answering, What was the Miami police department preparing for? What were the police in Sanford, FL, preparing for in surrounding the gated community in which Zimmerman defended himself against Trayvon?

Surely the liberal black community would never resort to violence to express their concerns. Surely no cop cars would be vandalized, no storefront windows would be smashed, no fires would be started, no flame would be set to the American flag.

Being prepared for civil unrest at the hands of angry black people is considered by many to be racist. But if you don’t like people preparing for your violence, then stop violently showing them that you’re prone to violent outbursts of mass violence.

Even Martin family attorney Ben Crump, a black guy, warned Trayvon’s supporters not to act violently over the verdict, as did one of Trayvon’s aunts: “Please, no violence,” she said. “We don’t want any violence. None.” Seems the lawyer and the aunt are realistic enough to understand their fellow Black sympathizers are prone to group violence.

Will the media blame President Obama for inciting any of it? It was he, remember, who stated that if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon (the apparent message there, of course, being that all black people look the same). This further solidified the already obscenely collectivist sense of brotherhood among blacks, who listen to Obama as if he were their slave master.

The Zimmerman-Martin saga has come to a welcome close, officially. But in reality, it’s far from over. Zimmerman is a walking dead man.