The Democrats Created This Mess

The following letter was sent to me from Mark E. Edmiston about who is really responsible for so much of what is going on in our nation. What it does not say is why this information is not better known.

If any of what you are about to read had been said or done by Republicans, the stories would have appeared on the front page of every newspaper across America for at least three weeks. Every liberal website would have hammered the stories into the American psyche on a daily basis. But because these are Democrats, the stories are hardly known.


Don’t blame ME for the killing of children. YOU created this mess. YOU created the gun-free zones where the slaughters occurred. YOU created the gun controlled cities where innocents are murdered wholesale.

YOU created the rules that let homicidal lunatics roam free. YOU teach children they are expendable and life has no meaning. YOU say guns are bad for ME but they’re not for YOU. Now YOU propose more rules to get US killed. Don’t punish ME for the consequences of YOUR policies.

You can’t claim you aren’t out to take all our guns; we have you and others on video. Were you lying then or are you lying now? I have committed no crime and you want to take away my rights and reserve those rights only for yourself. You have corrupted your office to advantage your pockets, but violate the documents you are sworn to uphold.

And if you think you are smart enough to tell me what to do with my own life, let me remind you that troops on Guam will not capsize the island (Hank Johnson), FDR did not go on TV in 1929 (Biden), natural gas is a fossil fuel (Pelosi), asteroids are not caused by global warming (CNN), every AMERICAN knows there are only 50 states (Obama), the First Amendment does not enumerate the right to bear arms (Pelosi), a barrel shroud is not at the back and does not go up (Carolyn McCarthy), and only the indolent, not people of character, want the government to solve their problems, and I still don’t think it is legal to hunt humans (Feinstein).

Ted Kennedy murdered more people with his Delmont 88 than I have with my XD9.

Eric Holder has run guns that murdered two Americans and hundreds of Mexicans. Eric Holder has taken more in bribes than I make in my lifetime.

Bloody Kathleen Sebelius has killed hundreds of children.

Tim Geitner has cheated more on his taxes than I make in a year. And you want to make me a criminal?!?

Mark E. Edmiston