The Fourth Planned Parenthood Video

The Center for Medical Progress release a fourth Planned Parenthood video, and it is disturbing!

The story at CNS News begins with a warning:

The video, images, and descriptions in this story involve abortion and fetal body parts. The material is graphic and disturbing.

Please take that warning seriously before watching the video (or not watching it). This is perhaps a bit more disturbing than the first video.

Here’s some of the gruesome content:

In the fourth undercover investigative video of Planned Parenthood officials discussing the harvesting and selling of aborted baby parts – internal organs and tissue – a medical assistant, with the doctor, is shown in a Planned Parenthood office picking organs from a dead baby out of a glass pie dish and at points saying, “here’s the heart … this is part of the head … here’s some intestines.”

At one point there is a crunching noise and the fetal tissue buyer (an undercover actor) asks, “Was that crack the little bits of the skull?”  The medical assistant answers, “uh-huh.”

CNS News provides a great deal of the content of the video, which is probably not as horrific as seeing and hearing what went on via the video.

One example:

“I know I’ve seen livers,” says Dr. Ginde.  “I’ve seen stomachs, I’ve seen plenty neural tissue, usually we can see the whole brain usually come out.”

As the conversation continues, Dr. Ginde says, “You know, when you get to 17 or 18 weeks, because you do get some of those, that’s when you’re doing a lot more of the D&E [abortions] and you might get larger [parts].”

Buyer:  “Uh-huh.”

Dr. Ginde: “So that’s where we have to do a little bit of training with the providers on making sure that they don’t crush [the baby] or are able to – … See if we could do any work with them to maybe be a little bit more gentle.”

A little later, Dr. Ginde says, “We have to know who else is doing this [body parts procurement and transfer]. Because if you have someone in a really anti- state who’s going to be doing this for you, they’re probably going to get caught. You know?”

“Someone’s going to be poking around a lot more with them, just because of the state that they’re in, than we might have here,” she said.  “They’re pretty bad out there. They try to plan stuff.”

Buyer: “They don’t seem very sophisticated.”

Dr. Ginde: “They sort of —  they definitely go for the easy. Like, if you do something and they find it, they’re like:’Hey great!’ … If it takes a couple layers or some work, then they don’t go for it.”

Buyer: “So the more layers we can put up, research, and this and that.”

Dr. Ginde: “Yeah, that’s what I mean. And we all have to be following the same—”

Buyer: “Script.”

Dr. Ginde: “Yeah.”

It is pretty easy to get the gist of the conversation that they are talking about evading laws that prohibit organ trafficking.

These people are evil and need to be stopped!