The God-Ordained Family Government

I had the privilege this week of graduating a class of homeschooling students that I taught in our summer school at IOTC. I taught them the Biblical view of Law and Government and our founder’s understanding of the founding documents. What an encouragement it was to see young students from 5th grade and up, eager to learn these essential principles of liberty.

I believe one of the few bright spots on the horizon in our land today is the homeschool and Christian school movement. There are plenty of dark clouds which are gathered. Just this week we saw the U.S. Senate vote to not defund Planned Parenthood—appalling giving the grisly facts that have been exposed in the past five weeks. So the Senate has no problem not only forcing us to pay for the murder of the unborn but forcing us to pay to have them chopped up and their body parts sold in a fashion that might even shame Dr. Mengele.

We could speak of many other very dark storm clouds on the horizon, but the one bright spot which I see is that fact that an increasing number of parents in America are opting out of State run indoctrination system. I have vowed that I would never send my children into Pharaoh’s indoctrination camps. The report from National Home Education Research Institute at the beginning of this year says that “homeschooling may be the fastest-growing form of education in the United States. There are about 2.2 million home-educated students in the United States…  Homeschooling is quickly growing in popularity among minorities.”

Why this movement is a great encouragement is that parents are taking back an area of jurisdiction which God the Creator never gave to civil government in the first place—God gave it to the family government. Indeed a multitude of the problems we face in our land today are rooted in this same exact problem—the civil government (the State) has invaded jurisdictional territory which God the Creator has not given to it, but has given instead to either family government and/or church government.

We are exploring the implications of the reality that Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords over everything that is. He is the one who calls the shots. He is the one who gives authority to anyone or any institution which possesses any legitimate authority because all authority has been given unto Him in heaven and upon earth. So human authority in any area of life is merely a derived authority, derived from Jesus Christ.

If it is not derived from Jesus Christ then it is not a legitimate authority. For far too long in our land we have operated under the delusion that people and institutions who simply put themselves forth as an authority, or claim a certain number of votes cast in the ballot box, gives them authority.  We are under the delusion that they have authority just because they say so.

Suppose someone jumped out in front of your car on your way out one morning and demanded you step out from behind the wheel and hand over the keys of your car to them so they could drive away in your car? Would it make a difference if they were wearing a uniform? Without a uniform you no doubt would resist this demand unless they pointed a gun at you. So a uniform would make a difference. But what uniform? What if they were in a white lab coat—would you do it? What about the uniform of a mailman or of a plumbing repair company or taxi driver?

No of course not. Those uniforms don’t convey the idea that the individual confronting you has the authority to take your car from you. But what if it was a military uniform—that might give you pause.  Or how about a police uniform? Now you are in a struggle. Does this person have authority to take your property, and if so based upon what standard?

What we have experienced over the last 100 years is a clear usurpation of authority in our land. People in the realm of civil government have been demanding we hand over the keys and get out from behind the steering wheel of vehicles (God ordained institutions) which God has entrusted to us. The most important of those institutions is the family.

Of all the institutions which God ordained, the family was the only one in existence before the fall of mankind into sin. It was the only one that existed in the Garden of Eden before man was permanently expelled. The other institutions God ordained were created in order to deal with the terrible consequences of sin in this world but family government was from the beginning.


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