The GOP versus Planned Parenthood: A Fake War?

The battle of the GOP versus Planned Parenthood looks like one of the two parties didn’t really want to win.

Thanks to the brilliant and brave undercover citizen journalism of the Center for Medical Progress, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to call Planned Parenthood to account for their grizzly and murderous trafficking in human organs. The videos clearly show that Planned Parenthood abortion centers are ignoring and evading the laws against profiting from organ sales.

But with the executive office dominated by an infanticidal maniac, and indeed, by an infanticidal regime, the chances of Planned Parenthood being prosecuted at the Federal level are almost zero. For all practical purposes, Planned Parenthood simply is the executive branch of our government.

So one of our best hopes, as people opposed to murder and body mutilation, was for the Republican-dominated House of Representatives to hold hearings and publicly demonstrate Planned Parenthood’s evil.

But this would take a lot of works. The Planned Parenthood figurehead, Cecile Richards is paid to be the organizations public advocate and Public Relations face. She was selected because she had the skills and she knows that her job depends on her doing her best. As David Harsanyi has pointed out at the Federalist, “The GOP is Overmatched.”

It’s worth pointing out that, unlike most of the GOP members of the committee, Richards actually earns her salary. She exhibits impressive composure and rhetorical discipline, never wandering off her chosen focus for too long, and basically does everything someone like Jim Jordan does not. The Ohio rep looked like he was about to hop over the podium grab her by the arms and demand answers. The optics were horrible, and the trivial gotcha that made him act like a transmuting Bruce Banner—whether Richards had actually apologized for the video tapes or not— was also irrelevant.

He could have tricked Richards into acknowledging she had lied when she said that Planned Parenthood “never claimed” to offer mammograms? That would have taken preparation and research rather than yelling. Republicans never, setting aside all the hysterical parsing of the media, got Richards to admit that Carly Fiorina’s comments regarding human fetuses being delivered intact and alive during abortions was irrefutable. How about offering some examples and quotes from real people? Richards got away with pretending she knew nothing about such events. Broadly speaking, we don’t even know if Richards believes there should be any gestational limit on abortions. If she’s in line with the Democratic Party, she believes abortion should be legal until crowning. That radicalism was never on display. Which is inexcusable.

With the exception of Tim Walberg, none of the representatives made anything close to a compelling moral case for life. They rarely do. They probably can’t. 

Members of the House of Representatives may not be Planned Parenthood experts or brilliant tacticians, but they know how to choose people to run winning campaigns. These hearings should have been carefully prepared and planned to make Planned Parenthood look as bad as possible and pro-lifers to look as reasonable as possible. Why didn’t that happen?

I don’t doubt that some of the Republicans who espouse a pro-life position actually believe it. But when they are in a position to do something for the pro-life cause, they need to show that they take the opportunity seriously.

Right now, it looks like the GOP versus Planned Parenthood battle is going to be remembered as a lost opportunity for the Republican Party.

Planned Parenthood has been waging a real war on mothers and babies. The GOP should show they take it seriously.