The Gore Effect Strikes: Thousands Bundle Up to Protest Global Warming

The Gore Effect is a name for the many times when Global Warming protests take place in unseasonably cold weather.

Here’s a picture of the protestors forming a giant thermometer. Notice all that climate change lying on the ground?

thermometer huge

The Daily Caller reports, “Thousands March Through Snow Protesting Global Warming.”

The “Gore effect” has struck again, this time forcing thousands of Canadian eco-activists to march through the snow over the weekend, rallying against global warming on a cold Quebec City day.

The Globe and Mail reports the “Act On Climate Change” march included “representatives from First Nations, environmental activists and political groups” who are trying to convince politicians to ban oil sands extraction and prevent pipelines from being built to bring that oil to market.

Protesters dressed in red even marched in a formation that made a thermometer, meant to “send a message about climate change,” the Globe and Mail reported. If it were a real thermometer it would have shown temperatures at a chilly 44 degrees Fahrenheit by 4 p.m. — the high for the day. Most of the day, however, temperatures were lower with some wind chill and high humidity.

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Environmentalists will, of course, claim that weather is not the same as climate. But they are the ones constantly telling us we are going to see more extreme weather (which hasn’t happened). They can’t have it both ways.

Even if humans had the capacity to somehow create a warmer planet, where is the scientific argument that a warmer planet would be worse than a world in a perpetual, artificial energy shortage? Demanding that oil not be extracted and pipelines not be built is a demand to impoverish people. No wonder that these people use anti-technology darkness as their gesture to symbolize their goals for the planet.