The Government Shutdown Brainwashing

The media keeps telling us over and over again a bunch of stuff about the government shutdown we all know isn’t true. They must be trying to hypnotize us.

I think some people in the media really believe that if they tell us the sky is pink and water isn’t wet that we will believe them rather than the testimony of our own senses.

When it comes to the so-called “government shutdown,” it gets ridiculous.

Consider this article by Sahil Kapur at Bloomberg. He begins:

The sequel to Government Shutdown—the 2013 battle that caused the closing of national parks and museums, cost the U.S. economy $20 billion, and tanked the Republican Party’s popularity—is slated for this fall and will feature the same star: Ted Cruz.

I left the link to the claim about $20 billion in case you want to read it. Since the Pentagon loses that much every other month, I really don’t care.

But every reader knows that Kapur is writing falsehoods when he claims the (again, so-called) government shutdown “tanked the Republican Party’s popularity.” No it didn’t. The Republican Party swept from victory to victory, gaining more seats in Congress and gaining control of the Senate.

The Republican Party was wildly popular throughout 2013 and 2014. I don’t know that the (alleged) government shutdown helped, but it sure didn’t hurt.

Why else would Ted Cruz be thinking about it if he wants to win the Presidency?

The resurrected strategy puts Cruz’s fellow presidential contenders in a pickle. It is discomfiting to Republican leaders who have been down this road before and fully expect it to end in failure, as it did with the Affordable Care Act, as well as damage the party’s image going into an election year where Republicans are defending 24 Senate seats along with their Senate majority.

Could this reasoning be anymore opposed to reality? When did the Republicans get their Senate majority? November 2014. When did they shutdown the government? In October, 2013. So how does it follow that a “shutdown” in October 2015 will lead to defeat in November 2016?

It doesn’t. This is all made up. And it is obvious to anyone who was there that Kapur is writing stuff he knows isn’t true.

And yet, he and all the other media propagandists keep repeating themselves. They are sure they can make you believe them.

By the way, President Obama himself admitted that he was paralyzed to do anything about “immigration reform” because he had to deal with the government shutdown. We have every reason to believe that the House, following Ted Cruz’s leadership, saved us from amnesty by distracting the administration in the Fall of 2013.