The Hypocrisy Of Gay-“Marriage” Advocates

When a liberal tells me he supports gay marriage because he supports equality for all, I like to invent for myself a sister in her mid-teens and a father with whom, I tell the liberal, I am deeply in love, and who in turn are in love with me. Our mutual plan, I tell the liberal, is for the three of us to get married in a few years when my sister is of legal age, and to live a long life together in loving matrimony, just me, my sister/wife, and my father/husband.

It is at this point that the liberal, usually, will discover a sudden and strong respect for tradition. It’s a fun experiment.

Yesterday a self-described moderate sent me a message to ask me what my opinions are on gay marriage, adding that she is bisexual and in a loving relationship with another female. In my response to her, I conducted the above experiment, telling her of the incestuous but truly loving relationship between my sister, my father, and me.

Her response indicated that while it was all a bit shocking (“Are you really in love with your father and sister?”), she still didn’t mind as much as most liberals do. Even still, she said, “I guess I see your point.”

At that point I told her the truth:

I’m not in love with any of my relatives, no. I was making the point of the hypocrisy of those who say they support equality. A liberal says, “I support gay marriage because I support the freedom to marry whoever you love.” So I say, “Will you sign my petition to allow me to marry my two sisters? All three of us are so deeply in love.” And they suddenly become Puritans. This proves that their support of gay marriage has nothing to do with equality (they only say it does because it makes them feel righteous, justified, romantic, sanctimonious); it has everything to do with selfishness, and in some cases it has to do with actively seeking to destroy the very notion of marriage in the first place, as one gay-rights activist recently admitted). They want to destroy marriage because, as they know, marriage is a religious institution. And liberals by and large seek to eliminate all religions that differ from their own: Secularism.

Which leads me believe that the religious could coexist with the secular more happily if only the secular would permit it.