The Impending Gay Republican Attack on Conservatives and Americans

A Republican attack is coming, an assault on the freedom of religion and the majority of Americans.

David French at the National Review has written about reasons to be hopeful:

I woke up yesterday morning deeply confused. If there is one thing that I thought I’d learned over the past few weeks, it’s that history has a “side,” and I don’t happen to be on it. My views — pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage — were yesterday’s news. The rainbow White House, rainbow Facebook, and — most important — the rainbow Supreme Court all told me so. The culture war was over. All that was left was the mop-up operation. I should hightail it back to my “house of worship” — which the Left would leave alone (for now), while it purged the academy and the marketplace of the last vestiges of bigotry and backward thinking. It was time to bankrupt the Christian bakers.

All of this was so crystal clear that imagine my confusion when I discovered that since the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision, three separate polls showed that support for same-sex marriage had declined. Not only that, but almost six in ten Americans now support the right of religious business owners to decline to participate in same-sex weddings — a sharp increase.

French argues that there has been such condescending meanness expressed by the Left that many Americans are repulsed by the behavior they see. As I see it, the expressions of triumph are completely wiping out all the lies pushed in the media which have shown homosexuals as lovely puppies that Christians are kicking. The illusion washes away as the homosexual lobby rejoices in bankrupting bakers.

French’s hopefulness is encouraging. He advises conservatives to argue their case, knowing not only that they might persuade others, but the hysterical attacks from the Left might also help our cause. They are so ugly that they backfire.

That’s all good. But let’s not deceive ourselves. Our biggest enemies are going to be Republican politicians. They are already starting their betrayal. Maggie Gallagher asks at the The Pulse 2016, “Will House Moderates Sell Out FADA?” The acronym stands for the First Amendment Defense Act.

The ink on the First Amendment Defense Act is barely dry, and already some Republicans in the House are trying to subvert it…

Gallagher quotes a New York Times story,

wary Republican moderates have quietly drafted a novel alternative that would actually expand legal protections for gay men and lesbians. Their legislation would narrow the scope of protection offered to groups declining services to same-sex couples seeking to marry.

Republican Congressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania has become the point man for undoing the work of the First Amendment Defense Act. His primary purpose in this drama is to pretend that he is watching out for the Party’s popularity—that this is all about winning elections.

Gallagher points out the absurdity of such claims:

Let’s be clear here: The courts have granted gay marriage.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission just unlawfully rewrote the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to add “sexual orientation” to the protected categories—without any new conscience exemptions.  And Republican moderates think that in order to earn the moral right to the status quo—our 501(c)3 statuses, our schools, our charities, and our government employment—we must give something even greater to the LGBT community.

Let’s be clear here too: President Obama did not pass new gay rights legislation when Democrats controlled the House and the Senate.  He passed Obamacare instead.  Why should the Republicans do what the Democrats dare not?

And then she goes on to point out the polls, just as French has done. The majority doesn’t want to see the rights of freedom of conscience eroded to force people to support same-sex “marriage.”

But that matters very little. The reason why the Republicans in the House and in the Senate have refused to honor the Republican voters on the issue of immigration is simply because their sources of money want “immigration reform” for financial reasons. Likewise, Republican politicians have pro-homosexual businessmen who pressure them as well as homosexual staffers and their ideological fellow-travelers. In fact, Republicans played a major role in arguing for same sex marriage before the Supreme Court.

Simply put, if you aren’t ready for a life-and-death political fight with the Republican Party to get them to allow freedom of conscience you aren’t dealing with reality. They are going to do all they can to join with Democrats and overwhelm “social conservatives.” Unlike the majority of Americans, they aren’t repulsed by the ugliness. They want to spread it.