The Koch Brothers Are Supporting A Democrat Against the Tea Party!

There are Republicans who support the wealthy and Democrats who champion the poor, we are told. Even though the Tea Party is showing that such a portrayal is a lie, it is still widely believed (or many pretend to believe it).

Thus, Democratic Senator Mark Pryor writes to raise funds to defend his Senate seat in the next election.


Secretive big-donor Super PAC huddles. Tightening polls. Tom Cotton outraising us in the last quarter.

 There’s no doubt that all signs point to a tough race ahead – and I’m ready to give it everything I’ve got, but I need you with me. If I don’t have the funds to compete on the airwaves, Tom Cotton’s Arkansas – where affordable college, Medicare security and equal pay take a backseat to the Koch brothers’ reckless agenda – could become reality.

It’s up to you and me to stop them.

Got that? It is up to you the stop the “Koch brothers’ reckless agenda.”

You had better send Pryor money…

The Koch brothers have sent them as much money as they possibly can so it is all up to you.


From the Weekly Standard:

Koch Industries’ PAC has been one of the top donors to Pryor’s PAC for this cycle, contributing a total of $25,000 according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

But while the Weekly Standard points out Pryor’s hypocrisy in claiming to be at war with the Koch brothers, they don’t say anything about the Koch brothers’ hypocrisy.

Pryor is facing Republican congressman Tom Cotton in what is considered one of the hottest Senate races of the 2014 cycle.

Right. So why are the Koch brothers, so universally hated, we are led to believe, by Democrats and by the media, helping the Democrats keep the Senate in 2014? Obviously, something is wrong with this tale of clashing sides that has been portrayed to us in the media. I find it bizarre that the Weekly Standard lifts up the curtain for us and yet doesn’t point out what is really going on.

The Koch brothers have no problem trying to help out Democrats in defeating the Tea Party. And the Democrats accept their help even while they lie about it and pretend the Koch brothers are some vast force financing the Tea Party.

So the story of “Republicans who support the wealthy and Democrats who champion the poor” has always been a disinformation story. They both support the welfare/warfare state and oppose the Tea Party.