The Lame Obama Defense of Inaction that Might Be Believed

On May 14, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post Stenographer wrote of our poor president. He called him “President Passerby.”

Milbank wrote pleadingly that Obama “needs urgently to become a participant in his presidency.”

Gee Dana, why start now? He’s done such a great job from the sideline or leading from behind.

That’s why polls all say the people hate his policies, but yet still love him. He has achieved something remarkable — a president that bears no responsibility for anything in the eyes of the low information voter. Quite an achievement.

Milbank writes of what he considers a “full frontal assault on the First Amendment by his administration.”

It was a revelation that the Justice Department “had gone on a fishing expedition through months of phone records of the Associated Press reporters.”

And yet Milbank is surprised that his president seemed astonished by the news. He claimed: “as astonished as the revelation that the IRS was targeting conservative groups based on their ideology.”

Dana seemed quite bemused that Obama claimed he heard of such things on the news and was concerned: “Now that Obama has learned about this extraordinary abuse of power, he’s not doing anything about it.”

Now, is Milbank really surprised by these “revelations” or is he, as is usually the case, colluding to provide cover for his monarch? I choose the latter.

Dana pointed out what Jay Carney had said about comparing Obama to Nixon: “Nixon was a control freak. Obama seems to be the opposite.”

I believe, no, I know that those in the press and other assorted leftists are rapidly crafting the image of a completely uninterested leader — President Passerby — the drive-by president, if you will. He is Sgt. Barack Schultz: he knows nothing! (Watch this 35-second clip from TV’s Hogan’s Heroes to see Sgt. Barack Schultz, I mean, Sergeant Schultz in inaction!)

And just in case that excuse doesn’t fly with the Beyoncé and Jay-Z crowd, David Axelrod has a backup excuse.

Axelrod posited that the government is so “Vast” Obama couldn’t possibly have his finger on the pulse of every department. He stated: “Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast.”

Off topic alert: Would this not be the perfect time for some conservative lawmakers to come forward and demand that we shrink the size of government? Why yes it would!

Anywho, now the leftists believe they have a great defense to insulate the King from the possible wrath of his peasants.

But wait… Now I’m confused. Let’s go back to when the Arab Spring was welling up and subsequently spinning out of control. Remember what a White House spokesman named Tommy Vietor and what he said of Obama?

Vietor said the president didn’t need briefings because he is “among the most sophisticated consumers of intelligence on the planet.” If he is so bloody intelligent how could he know nothing? You don’t get to be that intelligent by being ill-informed.

So which one is Obama? The smartest, most informed guy on the planet or Jerry Lewis playing President Passerby?

I’d say neither. Barack Obama is Philip Dru: Administrator. He is not the Chief Executive. He appears more like the head of human resources. Obama hires a person to head up a department and then moves on to the next hire. He bears no responsibility for that hire after the fact.