The Left Bashes Obama in Order to Discredit Romney

Romney was a better debater than anyone expected if they believed what the media was saying about him during the last few weeks. So now everyone knows that Mitt Romney is not the incompetent campaigner that the media has pretended that he is.

And Romney has shown that he is not going to sit still for the caricaturish stereotypes that the Left wishes to pin on him. It is one thing to spread accusations about someone on the internet, it is another to say those things to him when he is in the room and wired with a microphone.

So what is left for the Left to do?

Since everyone knows that Obama lost the debate, they have to insult Obama’s abilities as a debater. It is obvious, for example, that Chris Matthews’ loyalty to Obama turns into hatred as soon as he sees Obama fail to be victorious. He is ready to throw him under the bus. Al Gore went so far as to speculate that the thin air of Denver must have destroyed Obama’s debating abilities.

Conservatives are right to be tired of the way Obama’s reputation has been over-inflated by the media. It is true that Obama is not as great or as competent as the Left tries to make him out to be. So they might want to agree with the Left. They might want to gloat at how badly Obama debated.

That would be wrong. Obama did amazingly well for someone having to stay in a room and try to convince people to vote him into office for four more years.

It is easy to criticize Obama’s performance at the debate in some ways. For example, he repeated promises he made in 2008 and never delivered on. I guess he didn’t think anyone would remember. While this is embarrassing, the issue isn’t so much the debate as it is Obama’s past performance in office.

The problem is not Obama’s debating abilities. The problem is Obama’s failed presidency.

For someone who has managed to do nothing for the economy and has not fulfilled any of his promises on war or civil rights, Obama managed to get through the experience of losing a debate with admirable poise. I would have run fleeing from the room if I had been in his situation.

The Left claims he blew it, but they are really forced to make that claim to deter attention away from the substance. Other than Democrat’s false portrayal of Romney, what else do they have to rely on? Can they claim that “green energy” is a great way to spend more billions in debt?

Obama is not a bad debater. He is a bad president.

Romney’s victory was real. He did not win because Obama was a bad debater.