The Left will Try and Fail to Use Dylann Roof to Weaken the Second Amendment

Dylann Roof was a coward who chose a location where he knew people would probably be unarmed.

Reportedly, Dylann Roof made a reference to rape while carrying out his cowardly murderous rampage, as if that justified his actions. In comic books and other sources of fiction, a protagonist often responds to crimes by confronting and fighting the dangerous people who commit such crimes. Dylann Roof claimed to care about black on white rape and yet targeted people who were the least likely to have anything to do with such crimes.

Being a vigilante is wrong, but Dylann Roof is also a coward and a sociopath.

Naturally, the Left feels it must make a second attempt at what they tried and failed to do in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre: they must try to weaken and roll back the Second Amendment.

Thus, the Washington Post reports,

The longtime mayor of Charleston called Thursday for bolstered gun-control laws hours after an assailant opened fire in a historic African American church, killing at least nine people.

“You don’t know what could have been done,” said Joseph P. Riley Jr. (D) when asked whether the shootings could have been prevented.

But he added: “I personally believe there are far too many guns out there, and access to guns, it’s far too easy. Our society has not been able to deal with that yet.”

In the coming days, Riley said he would “continue to push on” and called the killings this week “another example of why” more gun-control measures should be enacted.

Riley went on to criticize the “easy ability for people to gain possession of them no doubt contributes to violent acts.”

Ironically, I saw Matt Lauer this morning interview his expert witness saying that violent attacks and even homicides in churches are far more common than people realize. Why? Because, to disturbed individuals, churches present “a target-rich environment.”

In other words, whether or not a church is an official “gun-free zone,” people who want to commit acts of violence know they are more likely to be able to complete a violent attack if they find their victims in a church.

African Americans have come to realize in increasing numbers that the only answer to gun crime is for more law-abiding citizens to own, learn to use, and carry firearms. They don’t believe that government disarmament of the populace is the answer to anything. If Riley cares so much about saving black lives, he should be out shaming Illinois for denying the Second Amendment rights of blacks. Perhaps he has done so and I just missed the story.

But I doubt it.

If you know what you are doing there is nothing un-Christian or unspiritual about having a concealed weapon when you go to church. You bring your gun just in case you need to help out a neighbor. The odds are that you won’t need it, but it is still a good insurance policy to carry on your belt.

One armed man or woman at that church could have saved the lives of fellow human beings who are dead right now.

(In addition to attacking the second amendment, you can also expect a whole generation to be attacked for racism on the basis of this one crime.)