The Media Endeavors to Defend Planned Parenthood Based on Planned Parenthood

Does it seem appropriate to defend Planned Parenthood by “reporting” on a study sponsored and promoted by Planned Parenthood as if it was real news?

Earlier I posted about how the White House defended Planned Parenthood by doing nothing more than rehearsing the talking points released by Planned Parenthood. Now we find the entire news media is following the White House’s example.

Thanks to Twitchy for pointing this out in their post, “Mollie Hemingway amazed how quickly Planned Parenthood’s self-funded report made headlines.”

As Twitchy reported earlier, Planned Parenthood is so certain that those “heavily edited” videos showing the inner workings of the agency are so obviously falsified that it reportedly hired teams of forensic analysts to comb through the videos frame by frame to prove it. And surprise! The majority of media outlets that covered the story reported that the videos were found to be “totally manipulated.” “Planned Parenthood Fights Back” read the headline on, with this summary: “In a new report sent to Congress, the organization says controversial videos alleging the sale of fetal tissue are “heavily edited” to “significantly distort” actual events and conversations.” Actually, the “heavily edited” videos allege the sale of whole body parts and organs, and even whole bodies, and document executives haggling over prices with potential buyers.

NPR is, of course, completely dedicated to the defense of Planned Parenthood and to the worldwide eugenics that Planned Parenthood supports. Twitchy also pointed to the tweets from Mollie Hemingway, the senior editor at The Federalist.

I assume that, by “Amazing,” Hemmingway really means “How predictable.” Just like Planned Parenthood uses your taxes to spread abortion and encourage more promiscuity by pushing birth control, so NPR uses your tax money to defend and promote Planned Parenthood.

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But let’s not miss the momentousness of the occasion. As vile as these Liberals are, up until recently there was not widespread evidence that there was a market for extremely late term abortions because there was a market for their intact organs. That is all new.

So the fact that NPR and other Liberal groups are willingly circling the wagons around this horrific, monstrous practice is somewhat “amazing.” The media and the Administration is not backing down. They expect us to accept and allow these Nazi-atrocity-level horrors to continue.

If we fall asleep on this one, we can expect God’s judgments on our nation to quickly escalate.