The Media Got Used by Obama and They Can’t Admit it

First the AP was violated by the Justice Department infringing on their first amendment rights. Today, according to Fox News, it is learned that Fox reporter, James Rosen, has been accused by the FBI of being “at the very least, either as an aider, abettor, and/or co-conspirator.” That’s marginally better than the Justice Department’s more blunt contention. They are calling Mr. Rosen “a criminal co-conspirator.”

The investigation is said to be related to leaks of classified information involving North Korea . . . back in 2009. Surely it is just coincidental that this ruckus diverts attention from Obama’s own criminal transgressions. Isn’t it?

The assault is due to Mr. Rosen’s typical pursuits as a reporter. “Typical” in this sense means that he was merely doing what legions of reporters have done before him. And they were never prosecuted for it. The “leaker” in this case is reportedly a government adviser, Jin-Woo Kim.

According to The Washington Post, the case against James Rosen, Chief correspondent for Fox News “bears striking similarities to a sweeping leaks investigation disclosed last week in which federal investigators obtained records over two months of more than 20 telephone lines assigned to the Associated Press.” What a surprise. This infringement of first amendment rights has even attracted the anxious attention of the likes of Senator Marco Rubio. Fox News reports Senator Rubio was

“‘very concerned’ about the reports of ‘possible criminal prosecution for doing what appears to be normal news-gathering protected by the First Amendment.
The sort of reporting by James Rosen detailed in the report is the same sort of reporting that helped Mr. Rosen aggressively pursue questions about the Administration’s handling of Benghazi … we expect that … the investigations focus on the leakers within the government — not on media organizations that have First Amendment protections and serve vital function in our democracy.’

 “Yes. The same sort of normal news-gathering Mr. Rosen employed in his aggressive pursuit about “the Administration’s handling of Benghazi.”

 It is a fact that those providing the leaks are frequently pursued by the long arm of the law. But never the reporter to whom such information is given. Never. Such an attempt at prosecution of a reporter for acquiring facts has the potential of creating yet another Constitution-demolishing precedent under our Imperial President’s reign. Not that breaking a precedent has ever stopped this regime.

Constitutional infringements of rights by this regime are legion: Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the Second Amendment, to name a few. These exhibitions of domino-toppling have been met by the enthusiastic applause of Obama’s thuggish, leftist entourage. One of the strongest factions of which is the MSM media. Even now they attempt to circle the wagons around him. But Obama has trespassed on their sacred ground. His pursuit of Chicago-style vengeance takes no prisoners. Freedom of the press is supposed to be sacrosanct, isn’t it? Now the press has been taught differently.

Cherry picking may be fun for the MSM but not in the rain. Welcome, press, to the new day. And it isn’t sunny.