The Myth of the Pill that Makes All “Lifestyles” Safe

More news of the cultural revolution and the regime’s purge of incorrect “ideology.” Mass Resistance reports: “Dr. Church loses final appeal at hospital. Board of Directors upholds physician’s expulsion for telling the truth about high-risk LGBT behavior to colleagues.”

The cave-in at the major Boston Harvard-affiliated hospital is complete. The Board of Directors of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) has formally notified Dr. Paul Church that they are upholding his expulsion from the hospital and that his medical privileges there are terminated.

His crime? As MassResistance has reported, Dr. Church, a urologist who is also on the Harvard Medical School faculty, voiced concerns to his colleagues about the hospital’s aggressive promotion of LGBT activities. He pointed out the long list of serious medical risks — and also moral issues — associated with those behaviors.

The hospital never disputed the truth of Dr. Church’s statements. Nor did they claim that he ever discussed this with patients or treated them differently. Instead, the hospital took extraordinary steps first to silence him and then to expel him on a ludicrous charge of making “offensive” remarks. Over months of hearings and appeals, the hospital wouldn’t relent.

I could say obvious things about homosexual ideology and the aggressive pursuit of an anti-christian agenda. I could connect this to the rhetoric of “micro-aggressions,” “trigger warnings,” and “safe space”–weapons to enforce ideological compliance and speech codes.

But I want to connect this with another element of our culture: modern medical ideology.

Modern medicine has worked some miracles. They have–at least according to official history (which I won’t question here)–worked some miracles with a shot or a pill.

But that doesn’t justify the blind faith that everything can be solved with a pill or a shot.

Warn people that there are risks and consequences to homosexual behavior? No! People never change their behavior. We need to just give them the right pill. The medical establishment will admit that people must avoid disease by using a condom. But some day they hope that too will be solved with a pill or a shot.

Expect women and men to realize that sex has a side effect of babies and alter their behavior accordingly? No! People never change their behavior. We need to give women a free implant. Then we devise a bogus study to pretend it is another miracle.

Are girls in danger of getting cervical cancer for having sex with multiple partners? Obviously, nothing can be done to fix that, except to vaccinate every girl. And if someone questions the safety of our vaccine, we attack that person as an infidel because she is questioning our power to work miracles.

Don’t you see? Because we can make a case that vaccines save lives for small pox and polio, that proves that it is beneficial to be shot up with mercury every year to get (hit-or-miss) immunity from the flu. No point in wasting money on vitamin C or D.

Why are people getting less tooth decay today? Obviously, it is from fluoride in the drinking water. Who needs to worry about dosage? In fact, fluoridation has been so effective, that even countries that don’t fluoridate their drinking water have seen the same reduction in cavities. Wow! It’s another medical miracle!

Next we need to put cholesterol-lowering drugs in the water. There’s no point in encouraging lifestyle changes to prevent coronary heart disease.

Consider how this biochemistry professor was treated when she dared to treat her adult-onset type-one diabetes with a change in her diet.

Notice that the dietitian didn’t have any reply to her science. A dietitian’s job is to simply preach and enforce the rules of the American Diabetes Association like an imam issuing a fatwa.

And of course if she was required to consume more sugar then the result is that all her hope and trust must be in the insulin–another miracle of modern medicine.

Or consider this video series by a doctor who worked as a kidney specialist. I’m not endorsing all her current opinions. But she got persecuted in her hospital when she realized that the hepatitis B vaccine was hurting her patients. She found that they were automatically vaccinated the first day they were admitted no matter how sick they were. Merely suggesting that the vaccinations wait until they were healthy and ready to leave the hospital got her in trouble with the hospital rulers.

She was told that vaccines wiped out small pox and polio. But she never questioned that. She was handed studies showing that the vaccines worked in healthy people. Her patients were seriously ill. The studies were irrelevant and anyone should have been able to see that.

Again, the medical religion is that all diseases can be solved with a one-size-fits-all shot or pill. If you question that faith you are a heretic.