The Netherlands Passes “Right To Die” Legislation For Children

They say it’s the compassionate thing to do, because it’s only for kids and newborns who are terminally ill. When doctors have done everything they can to care for the child, euthanasia serves as the last resort to end the child’s suffering.

The decision was made in the Netherlands last week by the Royal Dutch Medical Association. Now, parents can order the deaths of their children who are terminally ill. Doctors will first remove the child from the ventilator and the feeding tube and halt hydration, and according to Dutch doctors, they usually die shortly thereafter. However, some kids remain alive for a time and suffer. One doctor noted (rough translation):

 “These children are gray and cold, they get blue lips and they happen once in a few minutes suddenly extremely deep breath. That’s very nasty to see, and it can take hours and sometimes days go on.”

 That’s when they administer muscle relaxants, and within minutes, the child dies.

Belgium is also considering legalizing euthanasia for minors as long as there is parental consent, and the minor is considered by a psychiatrist to have “capacity for discernment.” Euro News reported:

 “Some children need to have an answer to their demands because they are suffering so much. They are asking for this,” said [Professor and Doctor Dominique] Biarent. The Brussels-based doctor said her fellow colleagues have faced this issue for years and need some legal clarity to take away the fear of possible criminal prosecution. She said doctors always see euthanasia as the last resort. “We have been raised so we will cure people first. Our aim is always to try and cure a patient. But of course, the second aim is to care for them. Caring is also giving them conditions to die in dignity,” she said.

“Death with dignity.” That’s the sugarcoated phrase they use to describe killing someone who they say is beyond treatment.

Recently here in the U.S., Vermont became the 4th state to allow euthanasia with the passage of their Death with Dignity Act. The LA Times reported:

 “Under the bill, a qualifying patient must be at least 18 years old, a Vermont resident and suffering from an ‘incurable and irreversible disease,’ with less than six months to live. Two physicians, including the prescribing doctor, must make that medical determination. The patient must also be told of other end-of-life services, ‘including palliative care, comfort care, hospice care, and pain control,’ according to the bill.”

As long as they call it “compassionate,” any act is permissible. Even murder. The Bible says that “the compassion of the wicked is cruel” (Prov. 12:10).