The New Slave Traders: The Coal Industry

We already know that protesters are being treated like terrorists at the Paris Climate Summit. But others are going to be mistreated if the climate summit succeeds. Fox News reports, “Coal industry treated like ‘slave traders’ by world leaders, says Euracoal boss.”

In an unusually forceful statement sent out to press and members of Euracoal, the association’s secretary general, Brian Ricketts, lashed out at the talks in which world leaders agreed on huge cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. Euracoal touts itself as “the voice of coal in Europe.”

“The world is being sold a lie, yet most people seem to accept the lie, even if they do not believe it,” Ricketts wrote. “The UN has successfully brainwashed most of the world’s population such that scientific evidence, rational analysis, enlightened thinking and common sense no longer matter.”

Oil and gas industry officials have been kinder to the deal, but Big Coal, which has been battered in the U.S. by the Obama administration’s energy policies, sees the deal as unfairly demonizing the fossil fuel.

The deal, which Ricketts said was hatched by world leaders in cahoots with protesters, means the sector “will be hated and vilified, in the same way that slave traders were once hated and vilified.

“The words and legal basis no longer matter,” continued Ricketts, a UK-based lobbyist.” Fossil fuels are portrayed by the UN as Public Enemy No. 1. We are witnessing a power bid by people who see the democratic process as part of the problem and have worked out ways to bypass it.”

Of course, “oil and gas industry officials have been kinder to the deal.” The deal has been kinder to them. By targeting coal, a competitor with oil and gas in the energy industry, the politicians buy their support. They will be supportive of the government’s war against coal until the goverment turns against them.