The NSA Is the Executive Branch’s Political Tool

Awhile back Mark Horne pointed out that if our masters really needed the NSA for terrorism they wouldn’t be using its illegal spy powers for industrial espionage. Indeed, learning about NSA misbehavior cost Boeing business in Brazil.

The recent scandal of the NSA spying on Congress demonstrates the same lesson. Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina writes at the Washington Examiner (emphasis added),

According to recent reports, the Obama administration condoned the spying on of senior officials within the Israeli government, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and that among the intercepted conversations were communications between U.S. lawmakers and Israeli officials.

This shocking report underscores the belief that the Executive Branch continually exceeds its constitutional authorities and has deliberately encroached on the powers granted specifically to the legislative body. If reports are verified, then this most recent gathering of constitutionally protected information cannot be chalked up to an inadvertent mistake but a deliberate attempt to commit an unconstitutional act to influence public opinion and members of Congress.

Spying on the prime minister of Israel and Congress has nothing to do with national security — only politics.

Some may ask how there could be such confidence that this act was deliberate and not an inadvertent result of a more comprehensive dragnet, but they need to only look at the actions that followed the spying to verify the inappropriate behavior.

He points out that the report was not destroyed. Rather, the illicit information was redacted and analysed. The White House used the NSA for politics. If you think that is not one of the real reasons the President wants the NSA to keep functioning, you are being naive. To understand the real purpose of the NSA you have to stop deluding yourself about politicians. Thomas Sowell said it well: sowell understand politicians

National security is far less important to the White House than enhancing their reputation and securing Obama’s “legacy” (after all, Obamacare is going to be an epitaph of folly). Naturally they are going to use every tool at their disposal to protect themselves from Congress’ opposition.

The NSA has already operated illegally. If they won’t willingly abide by the Constitution then why expect them to honor Congress?