The Obama FBI Threatens and Punishes Whistleblowers

In the Obama FBI punishments for whistleblowers are acknowledged in writing.


Maybe it would be simpler to list all the agencies under the Obama Administration that don’t punish whistleblowers. We know the TSA does so. So does Veterans Affairs. And now new evidence of how the FBI treats whistleblowers has come to light.

According to the Washington Times: “FBI email warns whistleblower of retaliation if surveillance program concerns reported.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee is planning to take testimony Wednesday about the FBI’s whistleblower protections, and an ongoing review of the bureau’s surveillance program has raised concerns for the panel’s chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican.

“The main question would turn on the reasonableness of your belief; that is, would a reasonable person, in your situation, believe that the conduct at issue demonstrated mismanagement or abuse of authority?” the FBI attorney, within the Office of Integrity and Compliance, wrote in an email responding to the whistleblower’s inquiry. “In my opinion, yes.”

Then came the kicker: “I’m sure you know, though, this does not guarantee that you will not be retaliated against, even though retaliation/reprisal for making protected disclosures is illegal,” the attorney concluded in the August email to the whistleblower.

The email, which was obtained and validated by The Washington Times, demonstrates what lawmakers and whistleblower activists have long suspected: The FBI repeatedly mishandles whistleblower cases, retaliating against employees who report waste, fraud and abuse, and fails to adequately investigate charges of misbehavior.

This whistleblower works in one of the FBI’s “G-teams,” which investigate counterterrorism cases, a topic on which the FBI is notoriously resistant to whistleblower complaints.

So, if you were inclined to believe that the FBI’s “notorious” reputation was unfounded, this email is a blow to your desire.

But is this a surprise? The FBI wants conformity and compliance like virtually all government agencies. Anyone who reports bad behavior to the authorities is an enemy of the Bureau.