The Pansexual Left and Children’s Television

The Telegraph reports, “Jimmy Savile engineered his hit television shows to gain access to children he could abuse, the former policeman who helped expose the late entertainer as a paedophile has claimed.” Savile, as a celebrity with amazing access to the British government, including the marriage counselor to Prince Charles and Lady Diana (and yet they still broke up! How surprising.), gained enough leverage to custom design TV shows that would give him access to underage girls and also boys. Should these revelations give us Americans reason to be cautious about our own television shows?

Mark Williams-Thomas, a former child protection officer who is working on an updated documentary about Jimmy Savile, said in an interview, “I can very clearly tell you now that he created his television series as a vehicle for his offending.” He elaborated,

“I believe he engineered his programmes within the BBC and Radio Luxembourg in order to gain access to children. The classic examples are Top Of The Pops, Savile’s Travels, Jim’ll Fix It – all of them gave him access to young children. That’s why there were so many victims.”

In other news, BBC is beginning some kind of disciplinary action against some employees who are responsible for the story about a high-ranking Conservative Party politician in Britain. The accusation, it seems, was not true. But the back story here is that BBC was completely embarrassed because when they had the opportunity to expose Savile and killed it. Having now been humiliated at the missed opportunity and the perception that they were covering for him, they now jumped ahead of the facts. The result, it seems, will be a restoration of the status quo about investigating the rich, popular, and powerful.

For the record, false accusations of any crime, especially one as serious as child abuse, are dangerous and must be dealt with severely. But being falsely accused in the media where you can address the damage to your reputation and gain public vindication is nothing like being hauled in by a DA—something that never happened to Savile despite copious evidence to everyone around him.

While this scandal is still unraveling in the United Kingdom, the US has its own scandal involving a Children’s show. The puppeteer and voice of Elmo was accused of having a homosexual affair with an underage boy. Kevin Clash’s response is that they didn’t begin the affair until the younger boy was old enough to be a “consenting adult.” The 52-year-old is taking a leave of absence to deal with the accusation, but the Sesame Workshop also revealed that he had been disciplined because he, “violated company policy regarding internet usage.”

The email was sent to the accuser after he was eighteen. In it he apologized: “I’m sorry that I keep talking about sex with you, it’s driving me insane.” He also assured him, “I want you to know that I love you and I will never hurt you.” And he promised, “I’m here to protect you and make sure your dreams come true.” Clash is 29 years older than the accuser.

As it stands, Clash may be completely innocent of the underage charge. As I was writing this post, news broke that the accuser has recanted. But, though he didn’t exactly invent Sesame Street, it does tell us something about the culture of our media/entertainment/educational class, that Clash found a home there. Remember the controversy over the Katy Perry guest appearance with the plunging neckline with Elmo? And the media whitewash? (See below). It looks like sexualizing children is just fine with our leaders.

If you want to see the future of our culture, with the legalization of same-sex “marriage” and the active promotion of homosexuality in culture, then we are standing at the edge of an era in which child abuse is going to become easier to commit and harder to investigate. And it is already embedded in influential and powerful areas of Western Society.