The Police State Campaign to Terrorize Poor People Continues

When you take their children away on a ludicrous charge we can safely deduce that you are working to terrorize poor people.

Didn’t Mark Horne already post this story? Nope, that was about a woman who let her child play “hours at a time” at a popular public park with her own mobile phone while the mother worked at McDonald’s.

laura browder

In this new story, a woman got arrested for allowing her children to play thirty feet from her while she attempted to interview for a job. According to Raw Story,

Laura Browder said she took her 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son with her to a mall for a suddenly scheduled job interview because she didn’t have enough time to line up child care.  According to Browder, she bought the children lunch at the McDonald’s in the food court and sat them at a table approximately 30 feet away and well within sight while she interviewed.

Browder was taken into custody by police when she went to claim her kids, after someone at the mall called police saying the children had been left there crying.

Browder said she was arrested after accepting the job offer, but now worries if the arrest may cause her to lose it.

The woman appeared before a judge who released her and gave her full custody of her children although Child Protective Services is still investigating.

So I guess Browder, “got off lucky” since she didn’t get immediately jailed or lose custody of her two children.  Then again, she could lose the job she was offered because of what the police and child protective services are doing to her. And we don’t know yet what CPS will decide. By the way, when I mention “poor people” in the headline, I’m not assuming that Browder is outside the middle class. Basically, anyone who is unable to afford a good lawyer is “poor” when it comes to this kind of situation. It seems pretty obvious that Browder cannot afford skilled legal counsel.

The good news is that the media is acting sympathetic toward her. She is getting a lot of support through social media even including job offers.

So there is hope. But the fact remains this woman was arrested and is facing an investigation by the government. If they had decided to be tougher on her, no one would have been able to stop them.

People with limited resources have to make decisions that involve possible risks as well as possible rewards. Browder obviously needs a job if she is going to provide for, and take care of, two young children. If she had simply told the job interviewer to find someone else, that would have meant she was a worse parent, not a better one.

Instead, she figured her children would likely be safe in the mall and the need for a job was too crucial to let go.

Does anyone else have more love and care for a mother’s children than she does? Not typically. Does anyone else know more about a mother’s children and what can be expected of them than she does? Again, not normally.

Yet law enforcement agents actually second-guessed her decision and arrested her. People should not have to live in fear of such treatment.