The President’s “Sideshow” Commands the Center Ring

How desperate is the Imperial President to avoid being besmirched by the inconvenient truth of Benghazi? In a stellar bit of mendacity, even for him, he has labeled the latest round of testimony and evidence of White House criminal activity “a sideshow.” On Monday, President Obama, in his ongoing attempt to master the Jedi mind-trick, once again told America that what they see and hear is false. Only what he tells us is true. The trouble is that every word he said was an out-and-out lie. “The Lyin’ King” has never been a more fitting title.

President Obama came out swinging. Clearly annoyed that Benghazi is still dogging his regime, he offered contemptuous statements in his accustomed fashion. He addressed the press while in the presence of British Prime Minister David Cameron. One can only presume that he believes his oration, made in front of Britain’s lap-dog head of state, makes his falsehoods more credible to Americans. Right off, he denied any cover-up.

In case that declaration, alone, didn’t seal the deal he also denied that the State Department was attempting to play down the administration’s first story about what occurred on September 11th. He insisted that he had called the attack “terrorism” from the outset. And then, he got really creative. He said that National Counterterrorism Center Director Matt Olsen had been dispatched to clear things up.

According to

“If this was some effort on our part to try to downplay what had happened or tamp it down, that would be a pretty odd thing that three days later we end up putting out all the information…”

Trouble is, they didn’t. He was still fibbing like mad a month later in front of the United Nations. Like everything else associated with the Benghazi debacle, the President was rewriting history.

When Matt Olsen had appeared before Congress, his testimony was big news because it contradicted the official White House story. And Olsen was reprimanded by the White House for testifying.

President Obama seems to seriously believe that his just claiming a lie is truth, miraculously, makes it so. His denials of any wrongdoing by him or his administration boil down to his statement on Monday: “There’s no there, there.” It’s too bad for him, that there is a there there is. His regime’s vanishing act in response to the attack in Benghazi is, at best, evidence of incompetence. But orders had been issued that assistance was not be provided (not once but several times) to the ambassador. That’s confirmation that what the regime did…or didn’t do…was intentional. Facts overwhelmingly support “intentional.”

“Who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? So the whole thing defies logic.” President Obama scornfully alleged during his performance. Logic was never part of his play book. In his zeal to enhance his “historic” presidency he should’ve exercised more caution; published reports, audio and videotape have more validity than his fantasies do. Benghazi sets an historic, presidential precedent all right; but the engineered incident is better described as notorious rather than famous; a catastrophe rather than a sideshow.