The Pretense of Impartiality

There is no impartiality in our journalists or our judges; often they don’t even pretend to not be committed to a cause.

Rod Dreher at the American Conservative pulls together several instances that demonstrate a complete lack of impartiality. Worse, they demonstrate that progressives don’t often even pretend anymore, though sometimes neither do conservatives.

The first instance he mentions is George Stephanopoulos, who has donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, while working as an alleged news reporter. How much has that mattered? Consider this editorial in USA Today by Peter Schweitzer, the author of Clinton Cash. He allowed himself to be interviewed by Stephanopoulos and was surprised by how he was treated. He writes:

I expected probing questions, similar to the ones I’ve received from Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, Chris Wallace on Fox News and Frank Sesno on CNN.

What I did not expect — what no one expected — was the sort of “hidden hand journalism” that has contributed to America’s news media’s crisis of credibility in particular, and Americans’ distrust of the news media more broadly.

If Stephanopoulos had disclosed his donations to the very foundation I was there to talk about, perhaps it would have put the aggressive posture of his interview with me in context.

But he didn’t.

But even when he did admit to the truth, he held a great deal back, which Schweitzer documents. And he suffered no consequences for hiding the truth from his employer for as long as he did.

Of course, conservatives play this game too. Dreher points out that Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum have all worked for Fox News while they were obviously getting ready for their own political campaigns. On the one hand, there isn’t as much deception involved as there was with Stephanopoulos.  But their behavior seems much more brazen.

[See also, “The Federal Homosexual Recruitment Plan.”]

Then there is this: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is supposed to be a judge who is deciding the question of homosexual “marriage.” Yet she “married” two homosexual men to each other.

There is no neutral arbitration anymore. There are no impartial referees. Everyone is out to force you to change to suit them.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Arguably, there haven’t been impartial referees in this society in a long time. Maybe they aren’t even possible on basic issues like homosexuality or baby-killing (I’m not using the baby-killing euphemism “abortion” because I know it exists to make baby-killing palatable).

The lesson here is that conservatives must take control of every bit of the culture that they can. Anything you do not control you give over to the enemy.

I hate for life to be nothing but warfare, but that is the way it is.