The Race Card As A Mystery Box of Goodies

A teaser headline at The Huffington Post reads, “GOP Campaign Deletes Shocking Racist Anti-Booker Tweet.”

At first I thought, “Hmm, ‘shocking’? What was said, [the N-word]?” Which was a really silly thought to have had because, after all, this is The Huffington Post, and even such an innocuity as white paint is racist in their eyes.

So I clicked the link, which took me to an article headlined “Steve Lonegan Campaign Deletes Racially Charged Tweet About Cory Booker.” Ah, so it’s merely racial, not racist. And what was this racist-downgraded-to-racial thing that this Mr. Lonegan character tweeted about Newark’s mayor, Mr. Booker, whose Wikipedia bio states that both his parents were black, but whose skin pigmentation is identical to white man Howie Mandel’s?

The “shocking” tweet was a map of Booker’s Newark, New Jersey, with handwritten and -drawn notes and circles around various parts of it, labeling them as “Guayana,” “West Africa,” “Portugal,” “Brazil,” and “Middle East.” I know, I know, it’s all so terribly racist, noticing that the racial demography of those Newark sections resembles those of the geographic locations they’re labeled as, even if less pronouncedly.

As HuffPo notes, “In 2010, Newark’s population was 52.4 percent [black], compared to 13.7 percent [black] for the entire state of New Jersey.” In Newark, blacks are not minorities, which can also be said of, oh, I don’t know, West Africa. It’s an egregiously racist fact.

It reminds me of my current tenant from hell, Julio, a man born in Chile or Argentina or one of those other countries down there (I’m an American; they’re all the same to me), and when I came home yesterday from work, he was busy unloading groceries from…a shopping cart. That he stole. From a parking lot. He’s 55 years old, just moved out of his sister’s house (read: was kicked out by her husband), and has no car.

Well, not only is removing shopping carts from parking lots against the law, but keeping them in our driveways will carry along with it a fine from the Home Owner’s Associate. I was dumbfounded at how trashy, how stupid this man could be.

And then he assured me he would bring it back…tomorrow.

I told him, “No, you’re going to bring it back tonight or we’ll get a fine,” to which he responded, smirking, “What’s the big f—— deal?” evidently not hearing the part where I said “we’ll get a fine.”

Two hours later we’re still arguing about it, among myriad other lease agreements he had violated in just the last three days. Finally, shouting, I said, “It looks like trash, Julio! This is what they do in Mexico, okay?”

And here it comes: “Hey, now, you are being dee-scree-mee-nah-tory. I am not from Mexico.”

“Well then don’t act like it,” I said.

Now, in no way did I “make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person or thing belongs rather than according to actual merit.” I simply pointed out that Mexicans steal shopping carts and take them home with them. I know this because I see it all the time here in northern Virginia.

But Julio doesn’t understand what the word “discriminatory” means, just like most American minorities whose first language is something other than English don’t know what most English words truly, accurately mean. But they’ve been trained by their families who’ve been trained by the Democrats to just call everything discriminatory and racist, because if they do that, they will get their way.

“‘Ey, leesten up, mang. Any tine jyou hear a gringo mention a Latino country, call heem ‘dee-scree-mee-nah-tory’ “–(or “racist,” in the case of Lonegan’s tweet)–“and those gringos will work extra hard to make jyou happy.”