The Republican Establishment IS the Homosexual Lobby

The Republican Establishment has been completely sold out to the homosexual agenda. How far back does it go? Where does it lead?

Back when Lamar “I would use the army on Congress” Alexander’s Chief of Staff was busted for child porn, I asked if the real history of homosexuals in the Republican Party would ever be fully told. The allegations go back to the years of Reagan and Bush, and were reported by the Conservative newspaper, the Washington Times (the Carter Administration was also implicated).

Aside from the child porn case, we know that many Republican operatives and Republican donors have been pushing for “gay rights”—not the libertarian idea that acts between consenting adults should not be criminalized, but the full “civil rights” totalitarianism that forces people to hire homosexuals. Jeb Bush is, in my opinion, obviously committed to this ideal.

Now we have more evidence of how thoroughly the GOP is committed to this sexual revolution. Rob Dreher writes at the American Conservative, “GOP Puts Social Conservatism on Ice Floe, Pushes.”

A large group of Republicans have signed a “friend of the court” brief supporting same-sex marriage. The conservative friend who tipped me off to this says:

It’s quite the litany of GOP staffers, politicians, and consultants. It’s getting increasingly harder to contend that social conservatives have any home in the GOP. I think we’re in the process of transitioning from “useful idiots” to “political liability.” Social conservatives like to ask, “Why would you want a ‘bigot’ to bake you a cake anyway?” Well, why would you want to be part of liberal party anyway?

Let any social and religious conservatives who have eyes to see recognize that this list represents the GOP Establishment. You have likely heard of only a few of these folks, but the list represents the people who actually make the party work. The social liberals have won decisively. Let there be no more illusions.

The only names that surprised me on the list were my friend Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist (but then, he’s a libertarian, so this makes sense), and Gen. Stanley McChrystal, more on which later.

First of all, it is true that many “libertarians” will support “gay marriage” just like “libertarians” support abortion. But other libertarians see that abortion is an act of aggression. Likewise, there is nothing about libertarianism that demands that we pretend that marriage as an institution must be just as viable for two men or two women as it is for a man and a woman. This has nothing to do with libertarian logic. The fact that libertarians think that there is such a thing as homosexual marriage just shows that they are weak-minded in the presence of the spirit of the age. As evidence, I will point to France, where legal homosexuality is taken for granted, along with civil unions even, but homosexual marriage is widely opposed by the same nation.

Illinois gay marriage

Let’s just be clear about what is going on here. These Republicans aren’t appealing to legislatures. They are appealing to the courts. In other words, they want judges to impose a completely new social order onto the American people. So they are not only not remotely conservative on the issue of sexual morality. They also reject the entire concept of the rule of law and of popular self-government. Everything Republicans have ever argued against judicial activism is rejected by these people who own the GOP.

I mentioned Gen. McChrystal’s name being significant, and here’s why: the US Navy is reportedly attempting to dismiss a highly regarded Navy chaplain because of his orthodox Christian views on homosexuality.

We are at the edge of a true revolution, a pansexual coup. These Republicans believe that they can use the courts to basically end Christianity in the United States. Electing representatives will do no good, because the courts are going to lock up the issues. In the meantime, we will see that people who don’t believe in the entire homosexual civil rights scheme are ineligible for offices and for government jobs.

This is what we are facing, not from the Democrats, but from the Republicans.

PS. After I finished writing this, Bob Allen wrote some comments about Rob Dreher’s piece that I believe are valuable to read:

Early Christians in Rome were given a choice: Make a public proclamation that Caesar is Lord, and burn a pinch of incense as an act of worship, or… enter the arena to be torn by wild beasts, or run through by gladiators.

Brothers and sisters, I firmly agree with Rod Dreher’s assessment: Behold the new “pinch of incense” you will be compelled to worship. You will either deny the Law of God, or you will lose your job, your rights, and perhaps your life.

I dare say before long we will know with clear certainty who the true believers are, and who was just pretending. The new Sanhedrin is forming featuring the likes of Rob Bell, Andy Stanley, Stan Mitchell, Matthew Vines, and a host of others. We must pray every day for the grace to stand firm when the “Lions of Tolerance” bare their jagged teeth at us, and to love them as they unleash their ugly roars.