The Rise of the Taliban in London

A group known as Islam4UK has recently appointed itself judge and jury of the streets of London. In their efforts to “make a real change to the area,” they have targeted pimps, prostitutes, and pornographic ads as things to eradicate around town, in obedience to Muslim Shariah law. In fact, this is what motivates their entire effort, not necessarily cleaning up the streets of London. Although their seeming concern about rampant crime around town in laudable, the real concern should be that Muslims in the UK (and elsewhere) are willing to take the “law” into their own hands.

In fact, Islam4UK does not shy away from comparisons with the Taliban. Their own website, which is promoting the “No to Prostitution” campaign, approvingly reposts an article from the Daily Star, stating in bold print that London is “witnessing the emergence of the Taliban in Walthamstow [a district in east London].” Abdullah Muslim (likely not his real name!), a supporter of the No to Prostitution campaign points out: “This is a non-Muslim country but we are doing all we can within the framework of the law. If these things are not frowned upon by the Government, morality is cheapened and lewdness is encouraged. We need to get back to the Koran in terms of the whole of society.” Abdullah’s point is quite correct: a government that states one thing and does another is no government at all; they are hypocritical, to say the least.

In one sense, Islam4UK is to be applauded for their concern and willingness to do something about the sex trade operating in London. They are also to be commended for not sitting by idly as their government and local police do next to nothing about it. Their motivation and their action are rare things indeed. The problem, of course, is that in this case (as it is with most vigilantism) the cure is far worse than the disease. London has invited this upon itself by its lack of concern with Muslim immigration, and is now reaping a political whirlwind. The presence of the No to Prostitution stormtroopers is nothing if not an admission that there is indeed a problem, but a failure to deal with the vigilante movement will only encourage more of it. Scotland Yard has itself in a very large pickle.

What is even more interesting is that another aspect of Islam4UK’s mission is to eradicate homosexuality, seeing as how it is greatly at odds with Shariah law. The sex industry aside, this crusade is far more politically sticky. Britain has been at the forefront of homosexual tolerance and adoration, falling for the “toleration and love” nonsense of the propaganda arm of the movement. Consistent Muslims will hear nothing of this, and have no toleration for such toleration.

It will be rather fascinating to see how London and the United Kingdom seek to disarm this political bomb with a minimum of collateral damage. I don’t see how it can be done. But if nothing else, Islam4UK is forcing London (and the rest of the sideline-sitting world) to face the issue of open homosexuality, instead of hiding behind false and disingenuous language of acceptance. Islam4UK isn’t buying it and neither should we. Actions speak louder than political wind and Britain’s actions will be most revealing in this case. They can no longer turn a blind eye to the issue; Muhammad Islam and his colleagues are making sure of that.