The TSA Sexual Assault Scandal Is a Systemic Problem

A former employee has an interesting perspective on the TSA sexual assault scandal.

Who would want to grope innocent citizens all day long? Yep, perverts.

Thus, Time Magazine: “Former TSA Agent: Groping Scandal Is Business as Usual.”

There are far too many federal hands on people’s private parts in airports

The recent story of two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport manipulating full-body scanners in order to grope men’s crotches is disturbing, but it came as no surprise to me.

Over the course of my six years with the TSA, the leveraging of rules and surveillance tools to abuse passengers was a daily checkpoint occurrence. Has the TSA screener searching your luggage suddenly decided to share with you the finer points of official bag-search procedure just as your final boarding call is being announced? There’s a good chance that he or she just doesn’t like you. Or in some cases, as we’ve seen, it may be that the screener finds you attractive and wants to use the TSA rules as an excuse to get his or her hands on you.

Is anyone surprised that’s who’s drawn to working for the TSA, where they get badges and almost unfettered access to their favorite activity—all with the rock-solid protection of the Federal government behind them so that almost no one punches them out for what they do, as they richly deserve?

I commend Time Magazine for at least publishing a part of the ugly truth about what happened in Denver, but they avoided the most damning part of the tale: The Feds were informed about the criminal activity, and did nothing about it for months, and when they finally investigated—after who knows how many others were groped—they still didn’t tell the police till months later.

In other words, the TSA protected criminals and themselves, and had no thoughts at all about protecting the public who pays their oversized salaries and benefits.

It’s far past time to shut the whole thing down. TSA is a cruel joke, and clearly the only ones they make safer are sexual deviants who want to keep getting off on power trips and feeling-up innocent citizens.