The Turn Away from God means Idolizing Government

We are idolizing government and building fascism into our nation; the problem is spiritual.


Throughout Barack Obama’s Presidency many have accused him of supporting Socialism. Of course, given the historical and dictionary definition of the term, that is not accurate—government has not taken legal ownership of the means of production.

Effectively, however, government has taken increasing control through regulation.

I found a recent article by Norbert Michel at really insightful: “Capitalism v. ‘Smiley-Faced Socialism.’

People who believe in the power of individual liberty and free enterprise have had a rough time lately. And with so many recent examples of government intrusion, it’s hard to feel good about the future of capitalism.


To paraphrase financial journalist Jim Grant, what we have is much closer to some sort of smiley-faced socialism. Government doesn’t fully own the means of production, but it directs the daylights out of them. Especially in financial markets.

Actually, what we have today is probably closer to Fascism—Big Business and Big Government are in a tug-of-war for ultimate control, with each severely abusing its rightful position in our society. Regulations are written to stifle competition and to transfer risks and costs to the taxpayer while leaving profits (minus onerous taxation) in private hands.

Government in America has morphed from its unique position as an arbiter of justice to the determiner of winners and losers. Constitutional restraints were written into our national DNA to avoid this outcome, but we have drifted further and further from those ideals as men have drifted further and further away from the Creator’s command to love their neighbor as they already love themselves.

Yes, we have economic, business, and political problems. But the root of every one of them is a moral and spiritual failing to seek the good of others, rather than merely our own. The solution, therefore, is not a governmental change, but a change of the heart. America needs a spirit of repentance. America needs to return to the God of our fathers Who offers forgiveness and hope for the worst of sinners.