The U.S. Government Cocaine Connection Gets a Feature Movie

While Hollywood has used the government cocaine connection in fictional pieces, I don’t think it has ever taken a verified story and put it on the big screen. Since I have already covered one “conspiracy theory” today, I thought I might as well bring this trailer to your attention. This forthcoming movie is about the deceased journalist Gary Webb and the story that led to his book, Dark Alliance.

This will be a story that we conservatives don’t like, since it involves the Reagan era and it involves those who were opposed to socialists taking over Central America. I completely feel these reservations.

But, not everyone who hates socialism is a good guy. And if U.S. policy knowingly allowed the crack cocaine epidemic to spread through Los Angeles and the rest of the nation, this ought to be known.

Since this is no documentary, but at best a docudrama, the movie might blow it by being too fictionalized. But I am still amazed they are doing the story.

After all, even if you are a leftist who wants to smear the Reagan era, surely you couldn’t help but notice that Reagan’s not in power anymore, but the evidence of drug crime connections to our current national policy are as strong as ever.

This story from the eighties and nineties didn’t just end. There has been no sweeping revolution to clean house in the DEA, the CIA or in any other Entrenched Bureaucracy. This is a story about contemporary U.S. policy. There is no way it cannot bleed into the Obama Administration.

But, what is even more helpful, we are coming up on what looks like it will be a concerted Clinton campaign in 2016. I am sure this movie will elect not to mention Mena, Arkansas, but anyone who starts investigating this issue is bound to realize that this information has a direct impact on what we think of Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. This was covered pretty well by none other than famed conservative writer and American Spectator editor R. Emmet Tyrell, Jr. in the prologue to his book, Boy Clinton. There is good evidence that Clinton’s administration was deeply involved in one aspect to the CIA’s cocaine-contra support. There is reason to believe that homicides were covered up for the sake of that connection.

In fact, this bipartisan cooperation helps us understand why the mainstream media cooperated in destroying Gary Webb’s reputation and career (after he won the Pulitzer Prize for the story!). His story could do too much damage to the Liberal establishment.

Since this is about real history, I’m not going to worry about spoiling the ending. Webb allegedly died from suicide. He shot himself twice in the head with a single action pistol.

You want to see this movie and get your friends to take it seriously (unless it proves too unfaithful to the truth). But the correct way to do that is to read Dark Alliance and do other research about the true story.