Think Unions Are Opposed By Big Business? Think Again!

So, did you hear how workers at the VW plant in Chattanooga recently voted down an attempt by the United Auto Workers to organize? The union thugs were really, really mad about it, but they lost.

Oh, but there’s more to the story now. Despite the vote of their workers, did you hear that VW is now bringing in the UAW anyway? I guess it’s just an elite disease to ignore the will of the people and do what they want, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

As USA Today reported,

In a move that’s unusual but not unprecedented, the United Auto Workers union has sidestepped its loss in a worker vote in February and created a local union to represent workers at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee.

And what’s surprising, considering decades of fierce anti-union efforts from the other foreign transplant automakers in the South, this time the union had the tacit approval of Volkswagen itself.

“We have a consensus agreement with Volkswagen management to form the local and be recognized when we get a majority of the workers to join,” said UAW International Secretary-Treasurer Gary Casteel of Ashland City, who has been overseeing the union’s organizing drives at the Southern auto plants for the past several years – unsuccessfully, until now.

Capping it off, they’re following up their institution of the union in the way that all such corporations do: VW is asking for $300-million in welfare from the State.


You may be able to mess over those who take a paycheck from you, but as for the rest of us here in Tennessee… keep your grubby hands out of our pockets, dirtbags.

Here is the petition from the Beacon Center of Tennessee:

Volkswagen Chattanooga recently allowed the United Auto Workers to unionize at its plant despite workers voting to reject the union just a few months ago. Now, the company wants $300 million in corporate welfare handouts from Tennessee taxpayers. VW completely and willfully ignored the will of its workers not to unionize, and any company that treats its workers like that does not deserve money from the taxpayers of Tennessee.


Please consider signing it.