Thinking Reasonably: What is Justice?

Americans need to be challenged to grapple with the question, What is justice ? The dictionary defines justice as: the quality of being just; fair treatment, and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law; rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim; the quality of being true or correct; or the moral principle determining just conduct.

blind justice

We bring to justice when we come before a court for a trial or to receive punishment.  Social justice is based upon the concept that certain groups of people are entitled to special treatment beyond that of the general population.  It is claimed that they do not have appropriate access to liberties, rights or resources because of being disadvantaged in society.  It allows government to dictate the conditions that regulate private affairs and gain ‘equality’.  The result is social justice is used to remove the liberties and rights of someone else.  Therefore, by its very nature, it removes the basic foundations used to build this great country.

Equal justice embraces the principle that all men are endowed with certain God given rights to treatment or resources that cannot be taken away by any government.  The Constitution says government must protect these rights.  Equal justice requires all citizens to follow a uniform standard.  It maintains that charity and compassion is provided by private non-profits, churches or other private groups.  In the Bible, Micah 6:8, it says “..What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly..” It is clear that the Founders were following Biblical principles by protecting all citizens in the Bill of Rights.

When laws are passed in the name of social justice, the very liberties and rights of “all” citizens are ignored.  There are many examples. Equal justice was used in the Civil Rights Act when all people, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual preference, were participating in the workforce or accessing public resources.

Social justice in integration laws requires employers to hire a ratio of races, and required schools to enroll a ratio of races regardless of cost or need of the institution.  Social justice also imposes laws to enable all Americans to buy a home regardless of their ability to afford such an expense.  Today, government has ignored the whole definition of justice by passing laws that unjustly control virtually every aspect of the citizens’ lives from energy, transportation to health care and even the appliances of citizens’ homes and the food that they eat.  Equal justice principles quickly invalidate such laws!

Progressive political thinking has changed the very definition of the word justice and dismantled the freedoms of our country.  It will only be changed when the citizens begin to think reasonably that in America, “justice” means equal treatment by the law, not unequal treatment to produce greater equality of result.


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