This Is How Intensely Trump Is Trying to Win

In my opinion the news media is covering this wrong. summarizes:

While other candidates have made Iowa their home away from home, spending the night in hotels and motels before America’s first caucus, Donald Trump has taken a different approach. Trump flies home to Manhattan in one of his private planes or copters so he can snooze in his own bed in Trump Tower every night, reports Reuters. For instance, Trump attended eight campaign events in Iowa in November and December, and he hightailed it back to NYC afterward each time. “It works very well for me,” he tells Reuters, mentioning he uses a Boeing 757 with a larger bed when he’s flying into bigger airports, and a smaller Cessna for tinier destinations. But Reuters talks to political analysts and others who think the strategy could end up costing him votes.

This story seems to be about how odd Trump is compared to the other candidates. They also imply it is a losing strategy. And it is true that Ted Cruz has suddenly pulled ahead of Trump in Iowa, probably due to his diligent work in the state. (Since I personally prefer Cruz to Trump, I’m glad the Cruz is doing so well).

But the real story here is that we have more evidence Trump has been winning, until recently, without even trying. The story is not about his odd sleep habits; the story is that people are so fed up with our ruling class that they want an outsider to defeat them.

Of course, keep in mind, Trump’s national popularity is probably greater than polls suggest.